Security Alert!

Dear AppAddict members,

Firstly AppAddict & RegMyUDiD IS NOT Discontinuing,
We will be back in a few days!
We have been hacked and forced offline!

It has come to our attention that the ex-staff member (Freddy aka Dark Voider) that I entrusted with everything to do with AppAddict has now STOLEN our forum AND ITS ENTIRE CONTENTS to put on his own new rival site.

So again, to protect you, I find myself writing to you with a kind word of warning about the dangers involved with having anything to do with this ‘rip-off’ site. On their main page they quote that “Almost everyone from AA is moved here, including Crackers, Moderators and other trusted people”. This is not the truth, they stole the member list, they have ex-staff from AppAddict showing in the member list ONLY, NONE of AppAddict’s ACTIVE admins, crackers OR moderators are actually operational on the site. It is just another tactic to steal AppAddict members. In the forum ( of the site he states that “APPDb forums - the successor of our old AppAddict website” Again this is nothing but lies and deceit!


I also wish to warn you of the potential danger that anyone faces when following their instructions to use their site/app. To use their site/app it requires you to install a ROOT CERTIFICATE which allows them to pretty much control your phone and even delete the entire contents of your phone, if they choose. I have pictured a copy of the certificate to show you exactly how dangerous installing this could be.

do not trust

As you can see, they could:

1. Control your phone remotely !

2. Collect your personal data !

3. Add and remove accounts !

4. Add & remove restrictions of accounts !

5. List, install and manage apps on your idevice !

So I would like all our members to think very hard before having anything to do with the stolen site especially if you hold any personal details on your device eg:

iTunes account details, any passwords, banking/bank card details, PayPal details, addresses, phone numbers, personal photos, text messages, etc. etc.

If you have already linked your device/s to AppDB we would STRONGLY advise you keep your data safe and in your own hands and remove this "Device Management' profile from your device/s NOW! - He has stolen and leaked your personal information before whats to stop him doing it again but this time he has alot more personal information to hand with this profile on your device/s

BE WARNED THOUGH, on the forum they quote that “We respect your secuiry and privacy” !


Remember as we previously warned you ( ) the owner of the stolen site is the one that STOLE and PUBLISHED ALL of AppAddict’s member information, the site structure & coding and shared it across the World Wide Web.

Would you seriously trust this person and/or his team to have remote access to your personal device? Please, for your own protection, think wisely

There will be some downtime in the next couple of days but this is purely to secure our service from these kind of attacks. As always we hate downtime as much as anyone else but rest assured we are here to stay and will prevail through these dark times!

On a brighter note when we come back in a few days time we will be doing a mass giveaway to show our appreciation for all our users. We will be giving 300 iSignCloud registrations away to the first already 300 registred users that come to the forum and post once we are back online! Not only that but we will be giving all users FREE AppAddict premium for 6 months, call it an early Christmas present.

Kind Regards The AppAddict Admin Team @