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All donations are going to servers maintenance is free, and always will be free for everyone to use. We love to provide with the best cracked app experience for free!

However, unlike AppAddict itself, the servers that AppAddict uses are not free. Count it by yourself:
- Main server
- Backup server
- Torrent tracker server
- Couple of cache servers
- Proxy servers
- Exchange server
- App server
-iSignCloud server

Since we lost google ads its been an ongoing struggle to keep AppAddict alive and most of the costs come from admins pockets, or from other projects. Despite general consensus AppAddict does not make money it only costs money!

Total mounthly costs are around £3000, so if you can, you may stictly on your wish donate any amount of money to these credentials:

Donation credentials

BitCoin address: 1Asu3P29U2Y8pCj6GgCTzuoGDUCSLMV5Go

Thanks for donation, or even just for using AppAddict!

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