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Published on 22.12.2013 23:17 GMT

CrackAddict - AppAddict's Powerful All in One Cracking Tool


So Zorro AppAddict's iOS App guru has done it again and created a magnificently powerful cracking tool CrackAddict. CrackAddict is a native iOS app that can be run on a iPod, iPad or iPhone running iOS 6.0+. Not only is CrackAddict a cracking tool but it also uploads your cracked apps (currently only to only) and not only that but it also posts the cracked app to AppAddict. This is an all in one cracking tool that has been designed from the ground up to streamline and make easier the cracking process. We hope that creating such an easy to use, all in one tool will benefit the community by introducing new crackers resulting in more apps on the AppAddict database.



Native iOS App

Displays Crackable Apps in GUI List

Displays prior Cracked Apps

Shows AppAddict Wishes (with links to AppStore Apps)

Uploads Cracked IPA to filehost

Publishes App information and links to AppAddict


Customisable Settings

Cracker Name

Compression Level

Remove iTuneMetaData

Use MinimumOSVersion


How To Get CrackAddict


CrackAddict deb is available HERE


It will also be added to the AppAddict Repo Shortly




In order for CrackAddict to work you must have an AppAddict ID, and also the AppAddict app must be installed on your devices. As of writing this post there is currently no app sync for iOS 7 JailBreak so AppAddict app on iOS 7 is only currently possible via RegMyUDiD iSignCloud





Below is some screenshots of the most recent build - Version 1.1 (43)

(Video and more screenshots coming soon)



CA_1.png     CA_2.png


CA_3.png     CA_4.png



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