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Published on 21.01.2014 19:29 GMT

AppAddict is Celebrating its 1st Birthday!!!



So today it is one year since i launched the first version of the AppAddict app sharing website.

It has been one hell of a journey the last 12 months, its been excitement, fun, laughter as well as a lot of damn hard work i might add!


In this past year AppAddict has grown into a massive project from when we first began, it has come way further than i had imagined it could do in this short space of time. There are a number of reasons fro this, sheer determination to provide the best app sharing experience, the team of staff i have the pleasure of working with & lastly but most importantly you guys the community and spirt of AppAddict! We have received masses of support over the past months, from encouraging comments, to offers of translations, to offers of modding etc..... Without the joint effort of the community no matter how good a service we create it would be worth nothing if it was not used and loved by its users. We do what we do to please and its as simple as that, if we have no one to please then there is no point!


To celebrate our Birthday we will be having a BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

Prizes to giveaway are


1 x iPad Mini 128GB Cellular

1 x £100 iTunes Voucher

2 x £50 iTunes Voucher

5 x £10 iTunes Vouchers

25 x AppAddict Premium Registrations

25 x iSignCloud Premium Registrations


I will announce the competition details in a further post this evening so be sure to look out for this!!!


I would like to say a few special thanks to a few certain individuals that make AppAddict what it is today a magnificent community service!



Well what a guy! An absolute genius at app development! 

When i originally decided to launch AppAddict after the closure of AppTrackr, i had sought out an app developer who was supposedly working on the app as the site was been developed so we could launch both at the same time. About a week before the site launch i found out that no work had been done on the app and that the developer had no time to complete this. I began to panic and scoured the web looking for an app developer who would be able to work magic in a short timescale. This is when i stumbled across Zorro, i presented him with the project and he was confident that he would be able to get this done within a few weeks. At first i was doubtful it could be done in the timescale, but i was soon reassured when that evening he presented me with some prototypes of the App already pulling information from our old app database. From that moment on i have found myself constantly amazed at the work Zorro produces, he has provided us with AppAddict iOS App 1,2,3 & 4 (on the way), AppAddict+ & CrackAddict. Zorro i couldn't of got this far without you, thanks!



Tends to be in a grumpy mood (LOL)! But a legend when it comes to coding!

So Freddy joined the AppAddict team about 3 weeks after the initial launch, i was actually introduced to him via Zorro as they had worked together on some previous projects. It was at this point that AppAddict changed dramatically and we began to heavily implement new ideas and feature unseen before in the app sharing community. Finally there was a team of guys perfect for the job in hand, we all shared the same ideas and could all do something about it. The first thing Freddy did was practically bulldozer the old website and we basically started from fresh. I won't lie i was a bit gutted as i had spent weeks on AppAddict version 1 and i felt it was all been destroyed. Once Freddy had finished new site i was just amazed how well it looked, operated basically everything i loved. We started to add features like app submission approval, mass uploading, verified crackers, Hall of Fame, direct installer, OTA installer and much much more. All this was made possible by Freddy's amazing programming skills. Bro i couldn't of done this with out you either, thanks!



A very under rated Admin!!! Provides masses of background work for AppAddict!

So dkbame joined AppAddict in the early days, he was always a very active member who joined in all discussions. I had spoke to him privately on a number of occasions and we always got on like a house on fire. He would always offer his assistance and always stated that if there was anything i needed just to ask. As time went by he joined the cracking team and from there i really got to know him better, i liked what he was about a nice family man with the same ethos as myself. I asked dkbame if he would become a forum moderator, he did this and app moderating for sometime with no hassle or complaints ever. By this point i had been speaking to him on a daily basis and becoming good friends. June time last year i asked him if he would like to become an Admin, as i was getting busier in my life and AppAddict needed a reliable, well grounded Admin to be around more than i was able to. He has since started to help me with infrastructure, and is always keen to learn and do more things. Thanks mate for been part of the team!



Our very talented graphics designer and also forum GURU!! 

Again Praiser has always been on the scene from the early days. He has always been involved heavily with the forums i think he lives there sometimes LOL! I wanted to say a specific thank you to Praiser as on many occasions at the very last minute i have contacted him stating that i urgently need some artwork making for a new project for example. Now i know that producing art is not just as simple as a few clicks it takes time to get right and also time to develop ideas for the intended work. He has never once complained at me, he has always just said ok bro, and then produced the highest quality graphics every single time without fail! So praiser thank you also for being part of the AppAddict team.


Please guys don't think i don't appreciate what every single member of staff does here on AppAddict that also includes AppAddict and also other crackers that submit here. If i was to thank each individual the post would be even longer than it is going to be. Please accept my biggest thanks to each and everyone of you that actively contributes to making AppAddict what it is today.

So many many thanks to 

















Now for some AppAddict History!!



AppAddict First Logo



AppAddict Website when it was born




AppAddict iOS App Version 1






AppAddict First iOS Icon




Now lets look at some great things AppAddict has achieved in its first year



AppAddict New Logo





AppAddict Current Website 

(Top 100)




(Wishes System)




(Hall Of Fame)




(Crackers HOF)









As you can see the new website is just a million times better than the original AppAddict tragedy site. 

Over the past year we have grown rapidly and have some impressive stats regarding registered users and also apps contained in our database



Forum Users & Stats



Account & App Stats from our Database

(Accounts show higher as originally we didn't register you on the forum at signup!)








So that means we have over 100,000 registered users on AppAddict! There are also many other unregistered users that use us on a daily basis.


AppAddict Current iOS App

new1.PNG new2.PNG new3.PNG

new4.PNG new5.PNG new6.PNG



Again the app is in a totally different league to the first version we saw above ;)


AppAddict Current App Icon






Other Current Cool Apps from AppAddict 




ca1.PNG ca2.PNG ca3.PNG

ca4.PNG ca5.PNG ca6.PNG




(AppAddict on NON JailBroken Devices available from








(Powerful resign tool for OS X)





tools2.png tools3.png


tools4.png tools5.png






So guys that concludes my long post sorry about the length i wanted to get in as much info as i possibly could to show how far we have come in ONE YEAR, the sky is the limit and who know what new services we will have developed for you come our 2nd birthday!!


As mentioned above the BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY will be announced in a separate post later this evening with all details on how to enter!




Also i almost forgot in this year we also had some psychic powers as we predicted the fall of our departed freinds AppDora you guys all remember this one



Sorry i had to include this it was the highlight of my year ;)




Again many thanks to all you that support and continue to use AppAddict








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