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Published on 13.04.2014 23:09 GMT

AppAddict 4 Released - Worlds #1 App Installer

AppAddict 4 iOS App - Worlds #1 Cracked Apps Installer

AppAddict's amazing app developer Zorro has done it again and brought you AppAddict 4.

AppAddict 4 is super sleek, ultra powerfull and feature packed. As always he has out done his self to deliver a truly amazing app that im sure you will all love using!


JailBreak Version - can be installed direct from our website

AppAddict+ - An add-on for the JailBreak version of AppAddict that allows syncing of your cracked apps with iTunes can be found on our Cydia repo

NON JailBreak Version iSignCloud - You must register your devices UDiD with RegMyUDiD for iSignCloud service

Want to become an Official RegMyUDiD reseller, meaning you will have access to sell Instant iOS 8 Beta registrations and more importantly you will be able to sell the iSignCloud service that is ONLY available via RegMyUDiD.

Sign up toady and start making some money!

AppAddict Team

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