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Published on 22.04.2014 09:58 GMT

New improvements


We have made our maintenance and here are our improvements:

  • We have joined all app sections (e.g. archived and live) into one, feautring easiest search and more speed, because one index is used for all apps from now.
  • We decided to remove cracker information from App page, because our crackers may be chased by capitalist developers. This information is still at links, but links are encoded at least.
  • We are also dropping support of AppAddict legacy app after iOS 8 release, it is time to buy new iPhone or update to iOS 7.
  • All App database updates itself automatically, so AA will be always up to date with iTunes from now.

There are also much background changes that will help us to moderate links faster and provide more stable file hostings for you.

Be AppAddict, stay tuned.

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