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Published on 28.03.2013 20:13 GMT

Over-The-Air DirectInstaller


Today we introduce yet more new awesome features.


Account Management page, where you can change your password and overview iOS Devices linked to your profile. See the new "Account Management" link under "My Account" section at the bottom of a page. Or you can click here(must be logged in).


What about Android? Do you like it? :) Well we like over-the-air installation of apps from Google Play, when you click on "Install" and the apps just install from the website to the device. Congratulations! Today we improved our DirectInstaller feature (only links supported now, more are coming) - now you can install apps on your iDevice by one click. How to do this:

1. Click on "DirectInstaller OTA" link:


2. Select your iOS Device (you must to be logged in on iOS Device):


3. Click on "Install to this Device" link and you wll receive push notification shortly. Slide to install!

Thanks for using AppAddict!

PS: You must be on iOS 6+ to see your devices' names.

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