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Published on 01.04.2013 18:33 GMT

AppAddict April Fools Jokes

So i hope by now you are all aware that the aquisition of AppDora and the fake hacking of our website was purely for April fool's day.

If you weren't aware and thought it was true..........

Firstly ha ha we fooled you, 

secondly and most importantly we would not take AppDora even if Most Unique payed us to. We are far superior and to be frank are not even in the same league as as any other app sharing website as we have taken things to the next level and innovated this community.

Thirdly we dont get hacked we understand security ;)


Anyway hope we didn't annoy anyone with the jokes today if we did it was never our intention, we are a fun group of guys and like to keep things lively and fresh.


All the Best


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