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Published on 19.04.2013 21:19 GMT

New App & Other Website Updates & Info

New AppAddict App Update


Today we give you the all new AppAddict iOS App version 1.5

There are many improvements to the stability of the app and also most noticeable a whole new design to the home page.


Zorro the AppAddict App Guru has done another marvellous job to bring you a sleeker, improved, already amazing app!



We hope you like the new look of the app and will further enjoy using our service.




You may well have noticed the shiny new AppAddict Premium logo on the site at the moment, seen as everyone at the moment has a premium account whilst we are in beta you should all be able to see this.


Premium is almost ready to roll out, our payment gateway is almost complete and we have almost finished testing all premium features. Once live if you have a premium account you will see the AppAddict Premium logo if logged in on the website. You will also have all the premium features enabled on any devices link to your account.



Cracking Teams 


The new Teams Hall Of Fame is now live and functional. Please if you are a member of a cracking team get your teams registered. Ideally all the team members should have individual accounts on AppAddict then your members will be listed as individual crackers in the Cracker HOF but also then collectively in the Teams HOF.



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