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Published on 23.05.2013 15:18 GMT

We are out of beta!

Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce, that AppAddict leaves beta stage and becoming biggest iOS, OS X and iBooks site over the internet.

It took almost half of a year, to become what we are now, since our awesome start at 20.05.2013. We made almost 50 improvements, including such features as improved search functions, support of international iTunes stores, OS X Apps, Books, DirectInstaller with OTA, and translations to various languages.

Today we are entering production state, where everything is stable and ready to take next heights in usability, speed and growth.

We are also announcing Premium membership, which will enable you much more awesome features than regular users have. We are hope, that you understanding that AppAddict servers and infrastructure need to be paid to exist. If you does not want to buy premium service, maybe you consider to donate? Anyway, all of AppAddict users has the same rigths and premium account just sometimes easies your experience.

And, of course, as promised, we gave everyone one week of AppAddict premium services!

Thank you for staying with us! Stay tuned. Be AppAddict.


PS: Little evolution:


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