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Published on 09.09.2013 16:00 GMT

Appdora is dead

Officially. most_unique, famous App cracker said:

Appdora has been closed.

With numbers of problems, such as weak engine, no iOS app and fragmented community, driven by pupils, appdora was our competitor to replace void, created by AppTrackr.

As everyone sees, we survived and still going to be the best app and digital books database for iOS and OS X devices.

And there is couple more things:

  1. We devided wishes to Premium and Regular, premium wishes (from premium users will be completed more quickly)
  2. v3 app with iPad support is almost ready and will be released at this week
  3. We added app compatibility checks to direct installer, so you can not install incompatible with your device apps

And, finally, statement from most_unique:

Appdora has been closed. Why? A number of reasons:
Appdora was started to offer people a site to download iOS cracks from. And it did just that. Appdora exceeded all expectations growing more rapidly than any other site. Now the problem was, and still is, something every iOS crack site is experiencing -- there just isn't the amount of visitors there was a year ago. Apptrackr had over 20 million visitors per month. The scene is getting nowhere near that figure anymore. iPhoneCake that has been the biggest site since Apptrackr closed, has seen it's traffic decline over the months. This has happened with every site in the iOS crack scene. No site can anymore get where Apptrackr was. Other sites started after Apptrackr have really made no impact at all. They are so far from the top you can't even see them.
What changed during the past year?
Android's market share is now 79,3% with iOS around 13%. And the gap between them keeps growing. Samsung is the dominant, and the most profitable mobile company in the world. You combine this with ever-lasting cat and mouse game of iOS jailbreak, not many people want to wait 6-8 months for jailbreak of the newest iOS. Apple will release iOS 7 to the public in just few weeks and as every year, that will be a huge drop in traffic on iOS crack sites and the jailbreak community in general. People need to wait until summer of 2014 when a jailbreak for iOS 7 will be released? (If any).

(Do you know how to install cracked games on Android? You go to setting, tap to allow installs from outside Play store, and you can install any cracks. Whenever. There is no jailbreak (rooting) needed.)
There's also something that has happened in the App Store over past year or so. Pretty much all popular games now come as Freemium meaning no money down. There is no (proper) way to crack In-App Purchases. The number apps for crack communities to share is withering down at a huge rate.

The whole principal behind our ideology why we started Appulous and the crack scene in 2008 was because all apps were Paid apps. There was no Freemium apps. There wasn't even Free/Lite apps until yearly 2009. Crack sites base their whole survival on the hopes someone else will release a jailbreak some day in the future. And to the hope enough Paid apps still exist. Not to mention users.

When we started Appulous in '08 we said App Store was flawed. Now seems the crack sites are flawed.


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