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Published on 19.10.2013 18:35 GMT

AppAddict NON JailBreak BIG GIVEAWAY

AppAddict NON JailBreak Big Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of AppAddict on your NON JailBroken devices we decided that a little compertition was in order to help spread the word and to also give some lucky people the chance of winning some prizes.

Up for grabs is 20 FREE AppAddicy NON JailBreak Registrations courtesy of RegMyUDiD
Also there is 3 iTunes Vouchers to be won!! A £50, £25 & £15

How The compertition will work

To enter simply copy and tweet the following tweet

Install PAID Apps FREE! Directly From ANY iDevice running #iOS7 or #iOS6 

Make sure you include the #AAnoJailBreak otherwise we can not verify you tweeted.

The compertition deadline is 6PM GMT 23/10/2013 

We will generate a list of twitter usernames that have tweeted the tweeted in #AAnoJailBreak and then we will run the list through a random picker. It will be set to select 20 names each of the winners will recieve a free registration for one device to use AppAddict on their NON JailBroken device. The first three names that are selected however will win a further prize.

1st Name Picked - £50 iTunes Voucher
2nd Name Picked - £25 iTunes Voucher
3rd Name Picked - £15 iTunes Voucher

Please help AppAddict spread the word of this great app and hopefully you will be one of the lucky winners 

View the forum post HERE

Good Luck

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