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For those of you that can't or won't JailBreak!
A new generation resigning tool.... Beta Version Released!

AppAddict are proud to announce that we are bringing you the next generation of resign tool. When we bring you a tool we make sure it is done right and we pack it full of powerfull, usefull features with a great user experience.
AppAddict Tools will be no exception to this, we have released the beta version which will help people resign and install their cracked apps without the need of a JailBreak! This is great for people who have accidently updated past iOS 6.1.2, for people wanting to try out iOS 7 or simply for people who don't want to JailBreak their devices but still want to benefit from the use of cracked iOS apps

What is resigning apps?

Usually to install cracked apps you would need to be jailbroken in order to install something called AppSync, this is used to allow your device to install apps that have been cracked.
However you are still able to install cracked apps if you are not jailbroken simply by downloading and resigning your cracked apps. Resiging apps basically passes the cracked app through a program that embeds a development certificate into the app and then allows that app to be installed to your device via iTunes as if you were testing it. The apps are full versions and exactly the same as if you had purchased them from the AppStore.

AppAddict tools is OS X only app, however Windows users can still use it with the use of an OS X virtual machine that can be found at BETAiO.So this image is custom made by RegMyUDiD and full easy to follow guide is included!

There are a few things you need in order for this to work and we wil explain what they are and how to obtain them

1 - AppAddict Tools - Available here this is the tool that will resign your apps
2 - A Developer Certificate & Provisioning Profile - Available from RegMyUDiD
(Only RegMyUDiD Certificates will work with AppAddict Tools)

Developer Certificate is used by AppAddict Tools to embed into the apps to enable installation on non jailbroken devices
Provisioning Profile is installed on your device to allow your device to sync the resigned apps

Please note you will need Xcode Command Line tools installed to use AA Tools, use the appropriate link below for your version of OS X
Mountain Lion

RegMyUDiD iOS 8 UDiD Registration


AppAddict Tools initially will be released as a resign tool for those who have no way to jailbreak or do not wish to jailbreak. We are releasing this in beta with basic resign functionality only as we want to get this out arround the release of iOS 7 so any of you guys that want to test iOS 7 are still able to get those cracked apps on your devices.

Features released with
-Ability to resign cracked apps
-Zero fuss, auto cert & profile install
-Resign multiple apps at same time
-Drag & drop apps to be queued for resign
-Auto add resigned apps to iTunes
-No more multiple device issues, AA Tools picks cert based on device connected

Upcoming features
So we stated this is going to be a new generation resigning tool, for that to become a reality we have a range of features already planned for AppAddict Tools. In the next few weeks you will see these features...
-Full AppAddict intergration (searching, viewing and downloading of apps from AppAddict direct from within the AppAddict Tools app)
-Directy install apps from AppAddict Tools to device over wireless (no need for iTunes)
-One click solution with compatible file hosts - Download, Resign & Install all from one click!
-Lots more features to test and trial with too!







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