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Stop struggling with language learning & translation. Download Mate Translate for Mac today! Mate has your back in 103 languages, plus Mate Translate easily synchronizes between all your devices and is accessible directly from your Mac menu bar.

Mate has an incredibly comprehensive instant translation database of 103 languages. No matter what language you need help with, Mate has your back. Mate provides a phonetic transcription of any translated word in any language into the international phonetic alphabet. That means you can enter a Chinese character and Mate will tell you how to pronounce it and even transcript it phonetically. Mate doesn’t just help you read in your target language, it teaches you how to speak and understand it. Download today and view our expansive 103 language list.

Mate is available directly from the Mac menu bar. You can easily and effortlessly access Mate Translate from your menu no matter what apps, programs or browser windows you have open already.

Mate lets you use an option in the context menu to instantly translate words or text in any other app on your Mac device. Using the Mate Translate option in the context menu will open the main Mate Translate window above your current app so that you can see and understand your translation in an unobtrusive way.

Mate stores all your translations offline so that you can reference them whenever you want. You can install Mate on a variety of devices and Mate will synchronize between all of them. Mate allows you to instantly translate a phrase on your Mac and then you can access it on another desktop or mobile device. Never lose a translation again, even between devices!

Mate’s Phrasebook functionality allows you to curate personal phrasebooks that you can access quickly and easily on any device. Language learners love using phrasebook to create custom lists for classes or common situations they find themselves in. Instead of creating bulky flashcards just create a Mate Phrasebook word list and study on any device no matter where you are. Mate Phrasebook is also perfect for travelers. Never forget how to say or pronounce, "where is the bathroom?" or "what’s your number?" in any language ever again. Your Phrasebook synchronizes across all your Mate devices and can be curated offline too.


What's new in Version 4.0.0

We’ve got a massively Instant Translate update here! Now, it’s called Mate. And it’s literally going to become your mate who always has your back with translations, believe us. We made a significant redesign of the app which resulted in vastly improved readability, contrast, and the UX. Every single user-interface element became more perceptible, readable, and understandable.

Of course, we also added some amazing features you’ve been asking for. The major one is the synchronization of all your translation history and Phrasebook. Mate now synchronizes all your translations so that you can reference them wherever you want. You can install Mate on a variety of devices and Mate will synchronize between all of them.

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We also ditched lots of nasty bugs that some of you were reporting about. For example, Mate now properly works in full-screen apps and when the menu bar is hidden. We’re always trying to improve the app to deliver you the best translation experience ever!

Thanks for staying tuned. We would be happy about your review on the App Store if you had a free minute. Keep our translation engine running with your reviews!



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Customer Reviews

A good tool with Pimsleur’s iPhone app.

I ike the sync between devices, but there are some hiccoughs. I’m not sure that the first list I made on my iPhone BEFORE I created a sync account isn’t lost on the iPhone. It is present in the Mac App. Surely this is just a programming error. Also, there is no way to manage lists. You can’ rename or reorder them that I can see. There seems to be no way on the web site to manage these either, though there wouldn’t be a need to if you could do that on the devices themselves. Be sure and decide to create a sync account BEFORE you start using wordlists as they might not show up on the iPhone afterward. They did show up on the Mac App version however. Also remember that there is no easy way to move words from one list to another.

I’m using the app to create wordlists for each of the lessons in Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole and naming them by lesson as my whole family is learning the language. While the Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole is very good, the reading lessons lack a lot to be desired and don’t even start until lesson 11. The wordlists will help us all to see words that are giving us problems. Hopefully these issues will be resolved in future with Mate Translate.


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Mate – best Instant Translator
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