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Stop struggling with language learning & translation. Download Mate Translate for Mac today! Mate has your back in 103 languages, plus Mate Translate easily synchronizes between all your devices and is accessible directly from your Mac menu bar.

Mate has an incredibly comprehensive instant translation database of 103 languages. No matter what language you need help with, Mate has your back. Mate provides a phonetic transcription of any translated word in any language into the international phonetic alphabet. That means you can enter a Chinese character and Mate will tell you how to pronounce it and even transcript it phonetically. Mate doesn’t just help you read in your target language, it teaches you how to speak and understand it. Download today and view our expansive 103 language list.

Mate is available directly from the Mac menu bar. You can easily and effortlessly access Mate Translate from your menu no matter what apps, programs or browser windows you have open already.

Mate lets you use an option in the context menu to instantly translate words or text in any other app on your Mac device. Using the Mate Translate option in the context menu will open the main Mate Translate window above your current app so that you can see and understand your translation in an unobtrusive way.

Mate stores all your translations offline so that you can reference them whenever you want. You can install Mate on a variety of devices and Mate will synchronize between all of them. Mate allows you to instantly translate a phrase on your Mac and then you can access it on another desktop or mobile device. Never lose a translation again, even between devices!

Mate’s Phrasebook functionality allows you to curate personal phrasebooks that you can access quickly and easily on any device. Language learners love using phrasebook to create custom lists for classes or common situations they find themselves in. Instead of creating bulky flashcards just create a Mate Phrasebook word list and study on any device no matter where you are. Mate Phrasebook is also perfect for travelers. Never forget how to say or pronounce, "where is the bathroom?" or "what’s your number?" in any language ever again. Your Phrasebook synchronizes across all your Mate devices and can be curated offline too.


What's new in Version 4.0.5

A bug when after deleting a single phrase the whole word list was deleted with some users was fixed in this version.

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Customer Reviews

easy and convenient for me

I use this all the time when I need a word, so much easier. And I like the option to hear the word, making me sound like I know what I’m saying!

Great stuff in sysmenu! :)

Simple interface and easy to user - that’s what I need!

Good "integrated w the OS" translation tool, main selling point, Phrasebook Sync, has issues

So here we go, a menu bar translator, right? Just like the other ones, right? NOPE. This one has a Phrasebook (user glossary) feature, that syncs across all your devices. Sounds great, and in the 5 days I’ve used it the translation (via text selection with PopClip) works really well. It’s the Phrasebook part that gets me.

Mate Translate *could* be a very powerful tool if more development went into the Phrasebook and Sync. It’s the main reason I bought it, and when it works it works very well. When paired with PopClip (for selecting text from anywhere) there’s no substitute, this is the best translator. AND it builds glossary / phrasebooks REALLY quick. But there are some buts.

The problems I’m seeing are that sync intermittently fails, but worse there seems to be no email support from the developers at all. Even a terse: “Try it now” or “Working on it” would be fine. 2 failtures in 5 days of use is not good. Also, when there is a reset there is no merge of data from other devices so this is really very *basic* “sync”. You may have to delete all Phrasebooks to get it working again.

The Phrasebook has good, basic features like isolating one language from another so that you don’t get “mixed” phasebooks that confuse studying. But-- the Phrasebook needs work. As other reviewers have said, some of the translations are “off” but no worse than Google Translate.

The problem: There is no editing of titles or any of the terms. What you get from the translator is all there is, no notes or anything else. Given the sync problems and data loss, there’s no backup or export feature either, so the only way to “restore” is to go back thru your translation history and re redo the Phrasebooks.

This is too much work if you’re studying 1 or more languages.

In sum: Mate Translate, when paired with PopClip is really powerful. No need for browser extensions. When it works it’s indispensible, probably the fastest way to build a glossary on mac- and iOS that I’ve found, and I’ve “tried them all."

But: -1 star for the sync/phantom support, -1 star for Phasebook issues.


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Mate Translate – translator
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