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By Nektony

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Preview Installed Applications and Remove Service Files to Complete Uninstall.
App Cleaner - The best app to remove applications service files on Mac OS X and uninstalling applications*.

Delete application's service files. Make sure they aren't eating up precious space on your Mac with this helpful app that does the legwork for you.
Disable unneeded login items to launch Mac faster.
Get PRO features and remove even System Extensions.

Main Gained Value - Speed up Your Mac by:
• deleting apps' files taking performance resources
• deleting debris of apps that were simply put into Trash
• managing all types of service files (caches, logs, preferences, etc.)
• removing unneeded System Extensions
• removing login items and disabling startup programs

Main Advantage: App Cleaner deletes Remains (or leftovers) - files of previously removed apps.
Thus, you uninstall applications completely.

Main Features:
• Scan the system and preview installed applications
• Remove all types of service files
• Remove remains of previously uninstalled apps
• Reset application to a first-launch state
• Preview launch agents and system daemons
• Preview login items
• Disable launch agents and login items
• Find and preview installed System Extensions
• Remove System Extensions

• Easy-to-use shortcuts
• Any file or app quick preview
• Specific app-associated file formats preview
• In-app help assistance
• Show unused applications
• Skip list option

How to Uninstall an application using App Cleaner:
1. Launch App Cleaner.
2. Scan all applications for service files.
3. Choose unneeded application (left view). In-app purchase required.
4. Select all its’ service files on right view.
5. Click Remove.
6. If some apps were not removed, due to access rights, switch to Finder and move them manually to Trash*.

*Some applications can not be removed because they require administrator privileges. In this case, switch to the Finder and delete the application file in usual way.

PRO mode required to:
• Remove executable part of applications
• Remove system extensions
• Disable ads

FREE mode allows to:
• Preview all installed apps
• Preview service files for apps
• Remove service files for apps
• Reset apps to first-run state
• Preview installed extensions and widgets
• Disable launch agents and startup items
• Remove Remains - broken service files

Nektony: that's a 5th year we put our efforts to produce Mac cleanup utilities that solve any problematic issue.

NOTE: If you have any comments, general or technical issues, please contact us directly at [email protected], we will respond within one business day.


What's new in Version 4.6

App Cleaner & Uninstaller optimized for macOS High Sierra to delete apps correctly
• Improved the app uninstaller scan process for supported document types
• Improved organizing and sorting apps by size to quickly uninstall programs not needed
• New Mac apps supported for uninstall



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Customer Reviews

I have come to depend on this app and I like it very much

Until 2014, I considered very techinical. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1976 and my advisor was a Turing Award winner.
Unfortunately, my heridity caught up with me in 2014 when I have to have surgery to correct a leaky mitral valve in my heart. One common side effect of this kind of surgery
is that it can have a big impact on your cognitive ability. That has been my fate. I now find it difficult to do many of the things that use to be what I really enjoyed doing.

With this app I still I still fee comfortable managing or deleting apps. I assure it is very straightforward to use and I still remain confident in usuing it. I am really most grateful for it..

NO problems, great results.

After years of using Appcleaner and Uninstaller I don’t know if it still offers drag and drop, but I never tried that feature. It is much safer, to my mind, to see all I am about to remove before I press “REMOVE."

This app remover has worked very well on quickly removing many apps. It shows me what specific items will be deleted and where they are, before I give final approve for removal. I search my harddrive after each removal for anything with the removed app’s name or file extension. I have never found any trace of any deleted app and have never experienced any other problems of any kind.

Not as advertised even remotely

If I don’t like an app I generally just move on however - this one claims to remove apps - IT DOESN’T - you MUST pay if you want to remove an app - that is ridiculous and false advertising - tell me I have to pay before I download and AM STUCK with it as I can’t get rid of it either on my MacBook. All of you that gave it 5 stars must have paid for it as the free version just is stupid - doesn’t do anything to free of real space - just gets rid of some small files that support apps. SO beware - if it is free you get what you pay for. FOr the people that made this - be honest in your advertising and tell us up front you want our money to uninstall things - if you had said that I probably would have paid the pittance amount but the fact that you lied and didn’t mention that - NO WAY I will go elsewhere.


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This app is designed for OS X
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  • Updated: Nov 08, 2017
  • Version: 4.6
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Requirements: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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