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Slide out Notification Center to quickly see key performance data for your Mac, such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and Battery. Click the charts to drill down and reveal more details. Click the Network and Disk Icons to view even more data.

Monit Widget is a modest, but ambitious, Notification Center Widget for monitoring your Computer.

Please see for more details.


● The Widget connects to an external host to get your Public IP-address. This is the only reliable way to obtain your address. No data is sent, only read.

● The Top-3 App List shows App CPU usage normalized (0-100%) across all CPU cores.


What's new in Version 1.2.1

New: Support for Apple’s new File System (APFS)
New: Indicate a connected iPhone or iPad in Network panel
New: Hide non-browsable Disk Volumes
Fixed: A problem with parsing invalid Battery Manufacture Date
Fixed: A problem with external GPU



Customer Reviews

Good but really half baked at the moment

This app is great. It shows technical information regarding your computer’s processes, which is extremely useful for those that use their computers intensively. Apple should have released this with its laptops, instead of it obscures it behind various utility apps.

Having said this, it’s also missing some very obvious features:

Notification preferences. It’s great that I get notifications regarding changes in my system, but the inability to turn them off is absurd; I don’t want a notification beep telling me that I am connecting to WiFi EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN MY LAPTOP.

This app is also missing customizable views. It would be great to select precisely what I want to see when I slide open my notifications.

Finally, this app is missing the ability to be opened as a standalone app. While it serves its functions well, Apple’s implementation of notification center is counterintuitive without a trackpad and, for my money, this app should accommodate those use cases.

I want to emphasize that these are nitpicks, small features that I think should be included for the money I spent on it. This is an otherwise great app which I would whole heartedly recommend.

Love the App

This app being in the notification tray is probably one of the best, most clean and comprehensive monitors without having to open activity monitor to identify what’s going. This fits users from the everyday user to the IT pro who runs multiple VM’s inside of a Hypervisor and needs to see if there are enough resources available or identify a bottleneck.

Unhappy Purchase

Really feel this was not a good buy. Struggeling to see half of the stuff it can do. I just half simple screen popping up an d that is it. There is no place to access preferences, I cannot even see my cpu temp with just from a straight straight install. Also it does not dock in menu bar or have option to change that. Feel I have been cheated somehow.

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Requirements: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor

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