Cloud Outliner 2 Pro: Outline your Ideas & Plans

By Denys Yevenko

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Outlines are interactive and highly customizable notes that organize your plans, projects, and ideas in a clear way. Cloud Outliner enables you to create and share outlines between your Mac, iOS devices, and Evernote account. Got a sudden flash of insight? Don't risk forgetting it – just enter it right away on whatever device is closest, and see your changes synchronized with all your devices at once.

This tool is not yet another notebook app or sticky notes organizer for mobile devices. Not even a little! Thanks to tight integration with Evernote and iCloud, extensive import and export functionality, rich-text editor, and a truly intuitive user interface, the solution will become your reliable assistant both at work and at home. You can seamlessly synchronize your records with Evernote and iCloud, share your data in different ways (PDF, OPML, HTML, plain text, emails, and even paper copies), and format your notes in the built-in powerful editor. All your thoughts, ideas, ongoing tasks, and even arbitrary memos will be kept safe and available close at hand. You can simply focus on the things that really matter – and the Cloud Outliner will cover everything else. Install Cloud Outliner to reduce complexity and easily align your daily routines!


Data management and protection:
• Flexible multi-tier document manager
• Highly visible color stickers to mark important records
• Password protection
• Customizable document templates
• Duplicate document operation
• Back and Forward navigation buttons

Rich-text outline editor:
• Drag and Drop functionality for sorting and reordering rows
• Multi-selection feature to reorder rows, change indentation, or delete them all at once
• Optional checkboxes that facilitate selection
• Optional automatic numbering (3 styles)
• Adding notes to data and list items
• Customizable text size, color, and style
• Highlighting important rows using different text colors and styles
• View completed tasks
• Collapse/expand functionality for all items
• Filters for displaying only checked or only unchecked items
• Undo/redo operations
• Cut/copy/paste data to outlines or even external apps (Notes, Mail, Safari, etc.)
• Automatic highlighting of links and phone numbers

Sharing of outlines:
• Export of outlines to PDF and HTML
• Import and export of OPML files
• Print outlines
• Share outlines to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reminders, Notes, Email, Messages

• Also available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
• Sync outlines across all your devices with iCloud
• Sync outlines with Evernote

Extra features:
• Light and Dark themes
• Customizable shortcuts
• Search by outline name or an arbitrary text
• Thanks to the autosaving, you don’t need to save documents anymore

* Sync with iOS-devices requires Cloud Outliner 2 Pro for iOS, sold separately.


What's new in Version 2.3

• Ability to sync data across devices through the Outliner Server
• Ability to extract any part of outline to a new outline
• Multiple fixes and improvements



OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Won’t print and they should put that in the description

I think this is a well designed, intuititive program. It allows you to dump and organize your thoughts, easily create hierarchy, search, and show/hide checked/unchecked. HOWEVER, I think it is not honest that not only can’t this program print, but they don’t disclose this. You go to print and the menu flashes but nothing happens. I was surprised when I needed to take something with me and realized that you can’t print at all. I needed to save as PDF and print the PDF. When I emailed support twice, and both times they responded within three days. The first answer was: "Print feature doesn't work as essential on some devices. We are trying to find out why. Please, sorry for the temporary inconveniences.” I emailed a month later asking for an update, thinking that they would be working on it and was told it still isn’t fixed “for now.” Now I see this has been an issue for months. It isn’t “for now,” it just doesn’t work and should be disclosed - at least so users won’t think they are crazy and wonder why nothing is printing. It would save time to just tell us - “this program is for those who do not need to print” or that there is a workaround. If you don’t need to print it is 4-5 stars. Only other quibble is that the formating fonts selections are different on the Format menu than on right-click and strike through is only available on the menu and outline is only available on right-click.

Just what I needed

UPDATE for 2.3 - slight usability tweaks and improved syncing.

UPDATE for 2.1 - I raised my rating from 3 to 4 stars. The update has made the program more stable. The crashes from right clicks on outline points seesm to be fixed.

I’ve been using Cloud Outliner 2 on my iPad since September, and while it works well, it is harder to copy and paste and move things on the iPad than on a Mac, so I’ve been anxiously waiting for Cloud Outliner 2 to come out on the Mac. I’ve installed it and all my outlines from my iPad instantly synced without a problem. I’ve found three glitches so far after 2 weeks. if you have the cursor on the right side over or in an outline point, the cursor will not scroll from the trackpad. You can scroll via the scroll bar on the far right, but not with a normal trackpad scroll. The most frustrating glitch is that it is often extremely difficult or impossible to select text within an item in an outline to edit it. The third glitch is much more serious and warrented me downgrading the app to 3 stars. It crashes often, mostly when right clicking on an outline point. It crashes as soon as you do the right click. I’m on a 2014 version retina iMac.

Simply Perfect - Great in every way

This is the best outline program of any of them in the App Store. It’s better because the application is not bloated with gee whiz stuff. I use this to organize my tasks. So I will create lists like a “WalMart” list or a “Home Depot” list. Then when I accomplish an item I simply remove that item. It’s also very easy to reorganize the structure of the outline. Simplicity and speed is why I use this app. I also use the iPhone / iPad app side-by-side with the desktop app. Everything is perfectly synched between them. This is the most flexible and direct approach that I have found. I tried other more robust apps an I found them to be too time consuming. With Cloud Outliner I simple open up an outline, accomplish my task and move on to the next task. Simplicity, speed and perfect synchronization is what makes this a winner. PS: I alos use the outline to flesh out concepts for chapters and the contents of chapters is a book. Outlines are useful. I so glad that I found this app.


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Cloud Outliner 2 Pro: Outline your Ideas & Plans
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