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By Belight Software, ltd

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Advanced backup, archive, and folder sync software for Mac.

Imagine it. One day your Mac with all family photos, valuable documents and emails refuses to boot up. Don't find yourself in this situation. Start backing up your files today!

Key Features:

* Incremental and Compressed Backups
Full and incremental backups, which allow to save space. Compressed backups reduce the size of resulting archives as much as up to 60%.

* Folder Synchronization
Keeps files in two different locations synced with unidirectional and bidirectional sync.

* Automatic Backup and Sync
Schedule your backup, archive, clone, and sync projects to execute automatically on a given date and time or right after a project drive mounting.

* Stealth Mode for Scheduled Backups
Get Backup launches in stealth mode for scheduled backups, and quits automatically after all scheduled processes are complete.

* Templates for App Data
Easily add data from iTunes, Photos, Mail, Contacts, and Documents folder.

* Encrypted Archived Backups
Encrypt your archives in Get Backup Pro using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES.

* Backup to External or Network Volumes
Archive to external devices and drives or to network volumes.

* Backup to CD and DVD
Burn multi-volume backups to CD or DVD without using third-party burning software.

* Restore to Any Computer
Quickly and easily restore your backups to any Mac without having Get Backup Pro installed.

NOTE! Disk Cloning and other features available via upgrade on developer website.


What's new in Version 3.4.1

• Fixed the problem with delete older backup versions.



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Customer Reviews

Not Recommendable at all!

super slow, but for real, molasses! don’t pay a penny for this, you’re gonna be better off with a simple rsync -avPh --delete --progress SOURCE DESTINATION

Could be much better

This could be a really good app if the developers would put a little more thought into it. As it stands, it's working ok. But as soon as you start spending more time working with the app, adding projects, creating backups, archives, and syncs, you realize that simple features are missing which makes it somewhat hard or awkward to use the app. If you have a simple folder, or more, it's great. But if you really sit down and think about backing/syncing things up, you will find yourself asking for basic feautres that are not there.

- Ability to exlcude specific invisible files/directories. As it stands you can select to exlude the DS_Store file and/or exlude ALL invisible files/folders from the backup. This is really not helpful. What if I have git projects that I want to include in the backup but exclude all other invisible files that are not in a git directory? You can't. You can either exclude all invisibles or none. (Aside from the DS_Store, because that has it's own separate checkbox.)

- You have the ability to add pattern matching for excluding files, however, you can't use pattern matching for invisible files. Also, you cannot manually type into the pattern matching text field. You can only bring up a file dialog and select from there. The pattern matching textfield is a single line text field. So if you happen to add more than, say 3 or 4 patterns (depending on the length) you won't be able to see the rest because you cannot insert a cursor into the text field to scroll and see what else is there. Bummer.

- You can't import/export projects. Great. So what happens if my hard drive/SSD dies, or I simply do a clean install of my system? You have a backup, which is great, but your backup projects are lost because you don't have the ability to save/export/import them. So if you ever have an SSD failure or you do a clean system install, you will have to re-create your backup/archive/sync projects from scratch! MAJOR inconvenience!!!

- Let's say you want to sync items inside your user library folder to another folder on an external drive. Well, by default, your user library folder is invisible. You do have the ability to select invisible files/folders when you crete your backup project, but once your do a sync, the destination folder will also be invisible (because your source folder was invisible as well. So if you have an app that stores settings inside your user library folder, and you would like to backup these setting, you need to drill down into your invisible user library folder, find the folder where the settings are, select this folder, and back it up (or sync it). However, once you do, the destination folder will also be invisible, because the original folder you synced from (your user library folder) is also invisible. While it makes some sense, the drawback is that you will not know that the folder you wanted to backup is on your destination folder because you can't see it.

- It's really easy to accidentally overwrite/replace your current project. There's no any kind of "security" feature in place so that in the future you don't accidentally select one of your existing backup/sync project and assign a different folder to it. The app will not ask if you would like to change/modify your project. It just simply does. And once you select a new folder for backup/sync you basically replaced all your project and the original is LOST. You have to set it up again from scratch.

- You can't duplicate a project. If you are backing up to 2 different drives, you setup your project once (project A) to backup to drive A. But now it would be so much easier to duplicate this project, rename it to "project B" and just select your drive B for destination. Nope. You can't. You have to create another project and set it up again from scratch, making sure you don't miss anything so that it includes the same files/folders as you have included in "project A".

Overall, this app is a great idea, easy to use and have great features (such as backup, archive, and sync). But many times it feels that the existing features are unfinished or not well thought out. Not to mention some extra features that are missing which should be part of basic backup/sync functionality. Hope this will be remedied in the near future.

I liked it until it stopped working

When it works, it’s a four or five star app. When it stops working, it’s useless. I have been communicating with Belight support for a week trying to get it running again and they can’t seem to fix it. The other reviews here tell me I am not alone, so I am moving on to another product, and unfortunately I have to recommend that no one trust their backups to this program unless you watch every day to make sure it is still working.

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Get Backup 3
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