Sleep Well Baby - Hairdryer

By Sabrina Holzer

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Your baby is crying and you can't calm it?

Then try this app - with the help of three proven Sounds
(hair dryer, clothes dryer & the lullaby "Sleep, Baby Sleep")
your baby will fall asleep fast.

CAUTION : It is recommended no to use the app too often, so that your baby is not too accustomed to the sounds and can not fall asleep without this anymore.

Your benefits :

- The app has an automatic shutoff (preset duration) .

- The sound will run even if you turn off your iPhone and you can stop it right in the lock screen

- Ready for use within seconds,

- The sounds run even further, if you send the app in the background and launch another app


What's new in Version 2.9

We've made improvements for iOS 13 to keep the app running on your devices as usual. If you like our app, then we are looking forward to a 5-star rating. If you have any suggestions, please send us an email via the feedback function in the app. Any feedback from you is helpful to us! Therefore, many thanks for your support.



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Sleep Well Baby  - Hairdryer
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  • Category: Medical
  • Updated: 12.01.2020
  • Language: EN, DE
  • Seller: Sabrina Holzer

Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod. Requires iOS 9.2 or newer.

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