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Antivirus Zap is a comprehensive solution that scans and removes malware and other malicious software from your Mac. It detects threats or suspicious files that are already on your Mac and protects you from being exposed in the future.

- Detects and Removes malware and viruses to safeguard your Mac
- Quick Scan:
- Checks the most likely locations for malware and adware
- Depending on the number of files, the scan takes about 5-15 minutes to complete
- Normal Scan:
- Checks an extended list of most likely locations including Applications, Downloads, Desktop, Mail Download etc. folders
- Depending on the number of files, the scan takes about an hour or more to complete
- Full scan:
- Comprehensive scan that checks the whole system.
- Depending on the number of files, it takes an hour or more to complete, ideal for an overnight scan
- Custom scan:
- Select any specific files or folders to scan
- Perfect for suspicious files, folders and USB drives
- Scan + Browser Restore:
- Same as the Quick Scan and also restores internet browsers by removing extensions, cookies and caches
- Depending on the number of files, the scan takes about 10-30 minutes to complete

- Scans all applications and processes currently in the memory
- Scans all programs that start automatically by the system
- Detects not only macOS but also Windows and Linux threats. You can scan Windows bootcamp, external and network drives for malware.
- Option to exclude certain file types which are unlikely to pose a threat such as image, movie and audio files
- Also searches for malware in archives (zip, pkg, etc.) and inside various types of files such as pdf, pkg, zip, etc.
- Easy to use user interface
- Daily database updates


What's new in Version 3.0.2

+ Improved scanning speed for all scans especially for Quick Scan
+ improved detection rate
+ Automatic AV and adware database update before scan
+ Found threats are now shown during scanning process
+ Scanning can be paused and resumed any time
+ Option to autostart at login
+ Option to hide Dock or Menubar icons



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Customer Reviews


My computer was showing obvious signs of bad software. I was experiencing very slow processing and weird pop-ups whenever I turned my computer on… one pretended to be iCloud saying “Get 1GB free!” So I downloaded this app and did a full scan of my computer. I had 31 infected files! 2 of which were Malware!!!!! insane. I can agree with others that it was weird to just click a button and have each file crossed out, signifying that it had been removed. I feel as though it could have just been saying that…. So, I restarted my computer and no more weird pop-ups. Must have worked! My computer is still a little bit slow so I am doing another scan now. It had to have worked to get those pop-ups to go away.
I would recommend this to anyone experiencing these issues.

Painfully slow antivirus

While it does find viruses correctly, it does not do so efficiently. The app lets you choose between Quick Scan, Normal Scan, or Full Scan. No exaggeration, the ‘Quick Scan’ took over 30 minutes to complete! The ‘Full Scan’ is even slower - in fact it’s so slow that I ended up just canceling the scan after the first hour.

I have a 2017 Macbook Pro with an i5 processor and a 250 GB hard drive that is only halfway full - so it’s not my computer that is slow, it is definitely the app

Didn’t do what it promised to

I had a Safari pop-up tab problem where every time I went from one site to another, a new tab would pop up and sometimes drop in some malware. My previous app, as it turned out, wasn’t up to date, and Antivirus Zap found 137 separate bits of malware. It also found brower problems and a Mail problem. All cool. But the first time I started up Safari again, the same damned pop-up occurred. Obviously I can’t uninstall Safari, but I can’t fix it. I have to go to Opera.

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Antivirus Zap - Virus & Adware
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This app is designed for OS X
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Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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