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Serious writers use Mellel. It’s built to handle all long-form written works, whether novel or manuscript, thesis or newsletter. It supports you throughout your entire writing process. Outline, write, edit, style, and format your works for professional print in one software, in one environment. Easily. Quickly. So you can concentrate on what's truly important: writing.

— Take control of your styles.
— Use your styles sets from one document to another.
— Depend on its reliability. Mellel doesn't crash. Create beautiful documents consistently.
— Save time and hassle. It does automatically what other writing apps make you do manually.


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Tools Update In Real Time
• Auto-titles let you organize your document easily
• Dynamic cross-references that update automatically
• Unprecedentedly powerful and easy-to-use indexing tool
• Citations and Live Bibliography update as you write
• Generate Tables of Contents with ease and control

Create Beautiful and Consistent Documents
• Consistent and clear styles
• Flow text around images and text boxes
• Create sections, columns, and tables
• Reuse your styles across different documents

Find Anything
• Most advanced find and replace tool
• Smart Regular Expressions-like language
• Run hundreds of saved Find Actions at once

Advanced Editing
• Smart paragraph spacing, hyphenation, and keep options
• Visually design your page styles
• Create titles with multiple parts and styles
• Flexible and advanced character styles with 8 style variations
• Copy and paste text and attributes, together or separately

Manage and Organize
• Outline pane gives you bird’s eye view of entire structure
• Move entire sections with a click in the Outline
• Create your plot via the Story pane, add events, characters and locations
• Keep track of changes with tracked changes and comments
• Eradicate “gremlin” styles with Style Replace

Compatibility and Collaboration
• Import & Exports DOC, RTF and TXT documents
• Exports PDFs with live links, linked indexes, cross references, and Tables of Contents
• Supports all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, and more)
• Save and open to and from the cloud, and to Mellel’s iOS version

What’s New in Version 4.0:
• The Most advanced Index tool, saving 50 percent of index creation time
• Massively revised Outline pane enables you to structure your document without removing your hands from your keyboard. Add comments, tags, and markers
• Organize your narrative with the Story Pane. Navigate your plot, attach characters, locations, images, and more
• Enjoy a refreshed UI and many new features and enhancements
• Bugs were fixed


What's new in Version 4.0.3

• Fixed an issue that caused sluggish performance when typing in large documents containing many auto-titles
• Additional optimisations to improve typing performance with larger documents
• Fixed some issues that caused sluggish performance when typing in large documents containing inline images that serve as cross-reference targets
• Fixed an issue that caused sluggish performance when typing while the statistics palette was open
• Plugged a couple of memory leaks
• Assigned the following scripts as RTL: N'Ko, Samaritan, Mandaic, Imperial Aramaic, Palmyrene, Nabataean, Hatran, Phoenician, Lydian, Meroitic Hieroglyphs, Meroitic Cursive, Kharoshthi, Old South Arabic, Old North Arabic, Manichaean, Avestan, Inscriptional Parthian, Inscriptional Pahlavi, Psalter Pahlavi, some correction to character information in Syriac and Thaana
• Assigned the range U+10BB0 to U+10BFF to be RTL
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to crash at startup on systems with badly configured input sources (keyboard layouts, input methods)
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to crash when creating a new story character or location via the character or location fields of a story point in some of the localisations
• Fixed an issue where showing/hiding the outline/story/index panes vie the View menu would fail to also cause an adjustment to the "fit" zoom levels (fit page, wit width)
• Fixed an issue that caused URLs entered into a hyperlink URL field to produce non-functioning hyperlinks if the pasted link was not URL-encoded
• Fixed spelling in factory style set Exclanation->Exclamation
• View > Full Screen item now showing checkmark if in Full Screen mode
• Better normalisation for Hebrew pasted as plain text, ensuring that Holam pointing mark always precedes other vowels
• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to fail to perform migration from version 3 in pre macOS 10.10 systems
• Fixes an issue that caused Mellel to crash when tabbing between fields in the Newsletter signup dialogue (Mac App Store)
• Fixes an issue that caused the ruler pop-up (small edit field showing numeric value when clicking or dragging a tab/margin/indent) to be positioned outside the screen boundaries in full screen mode
• Fixed several issues applying markers to outline items via the Markers palette



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Mellel 4
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