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Until now, managing and interacting with your contacts has been a real frustration. Cardhop's magical parsing engine is incredibly intuitive, letting you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts using a simple sentence!

Just type in "John G" and John's card will instantly appear. Or enter "Sarah Smith [email protected]" and Cardhop will add a new contact to Sarah's card. Or type in "call Michael S" and Cardhop will instantly start a phone call with Michael on your Mac or even directly on your iPhone!


• Open Cardhop with a single click or keystroke
• Type in the details for your contact and press return
• That's it!


• A beautiful and simple menu bar app, designed exclusively for macOS
• Instantly works with your existing macOS contacts, nothing to configure
• Groups: quickly toggle contact groups with a click
• Notes: a convenient and powerful way to add notes to your contacts, helping you to strengthen your relationships
• Recents: quickly interact with your recent contacts
• Birthdays: instantly see upcoming birthdays and easily send a wish on their special day
• iPhone and Bluetooth dialing
• macOS Action Extension
• Dark and light themes
• And much, much more!


• Quickly interact with your contacts with the following actions: Call, Copy, Directions, Email, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Large Type, Message, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, URL, and VoIP
• Simply enter an action or abbreviation (which you'll find in the Help Book by entering "?" or "help") followed by your contact's name and Cardhop will handle the rest
• Even better, some actions are flexible. For example, you can add a subject to an email by entering "email Kent Lunch tomorrow?" and the email including the subject will instantly appear, ready to go!
• Customizable quick actions are also available per contact, allowing for single-click actions

Cardhop — the contacts app you'll actually want to use.


What's new in Version 1.0.5

- Added option to set the default country calling code for phone numbers
- Improved parsing of email signatures that include images
- Fixed an issue where birthdays wouldn't appear at the end of the year
- Various fixes and improvements

By the way, App Store reviews are very helpful to us. If you think Cardhop is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to write a nice review? We'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for using Cardhop! :)



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Customer Reviews


This app is great, i have been using it with outlook and office 365, it works awesome.
There are still some minor issues with parsing from time to time, but its getting better. Would love to see in the future updates a bit more duplicate contact options. It seems to work well if the name matches and the contact exists already allowing you to update missing fields automatically. Although i would like to see this work better off email addresses and existing phone numbers as well. For example if i have a John G contact with only an email address, then i add the entire contact John Good, it wont find the original based on the same email addresses or phone numbers, at least from what i have seen. This would be cool to have. The ability to scan and merge existing duplicate contacts would great.

Getting there

Fantastical's Flexbits calendar app is great. Cardhop is only ‘good’. I find that, while there are some advantages to the app, some simple tasks, such as adding a contact, is much easier in Apple’s native Contact app.

Cardhop needs a ‘Version 2’. However, Fantastical started as only ‘good’ and went up from there to Excellent. I assume that this app, someday, will get to that point.

One thing to be ‘wary’ of is that this vendor, Flexbits, sold V1 Fantasical to the masses…and then forced those same customers to re-purchase a V2 (the good one..) when V1 was updated to V2. If I were you, I’d wait until their Cardhop V2 so they don’t play that same game on you with this contact app as they did with Fantastical. There isn’t anything special about Cardhop over Apple Contacts save for a slightly nicer interface.

Lovin’ It!

The fact that Fantastical is one of my favorite apps on the planet influenced this purchase decision. I went in critical, though. Anything less than stellar would have been a dissappointment.
Finally an app that has reconnected me to my Contacts in several really helpful ways.
Just like Fantastical, how this app parses my edits or new entries is really magical. The lattitude to customize the very helpful things is smart.
Topping it all off is the speed with which I can input, review and copy info on my contacts even makes it fun, somehow.
I suspect the ongoing innovation Flexibits has invested into Fantastical will be the same for Cardhop. If so, I’m sticking with it!


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