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More than just a duplicates finder, Tune Sweeper is your all-in-one iTunes cleaning App. Automatically find and remove duplicates, discover and add tracks on your Mac not listed in iTunes and remove tracks listed on iTunes not on your Mac! Tune Sweeper also corrects missing artwork and other track details.
All performed quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks using Tune Sweeper!

- Duplicate Removal -

Tune Sweeper shows the duplicate tracks found in your iTunes library in groups and suggests which tracks to keep based on your preference. i.e. Highest Quality, Latest Played, Latest added etc. You can override this automatic selection on a group by group basis.
Also, you can listen to a track if your unsure if this is the correct track to remove.

At a click of a button, Tune Sweeper removes the selected duplicates from iTunes, saving you disk space and cleaning up your music collection. Optionally, Tune Sweeper will back up the tracks removed for safe keeping.

- Missing Artwork -

Tune Sweeper scans your iTunes library for tracks with missing artwork and automatically downloads matching artwork to your iTunes library.

- Tracks Not In iTunes -

Tune Sweeper scans your hard drive for music not currently listed in your iTunes library. With a click of a button you can add this additional music to your iTunes library.

- Tracks Missing -

Tune Sweeper also shows all the tracks listed in iTunes that are missing from your hard drive. Tune Sweeper can quickly remove these broken links in your iTunes library with one mouse click.

- Fix Track Details -

Use Tune Sweeper to identify tracks with missing details and then quickly fill in the blanks with Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper uses advanced digital fingerprinting technology to identify your music and download the correct track information to iTunes automatically!

- Apple Music -

Apple Music is a great way of discovering new music. Tune Sweeper lists the Apple Music tracks you have added to your Music library - which will vanish if you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Optionally, purchase these tracks to keep them in your library.

- Statistics -

For a bit of fun, Tune Sweeper will summarize your most listened to Artists and Genres in iTunes. You may be surprised what Tune Sweeper can tell you about your listening habits!


What's new in Version 4.14

Improves Duplicate Detection.
Fix errors in Not in iTunes feature.
Speed improvements and minor bug fixes



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Customer Reviews

Doesn’t Work. Complete Waste of $$

I just purchased this. Hopeful that it would help clean up my library.

It did nothing. Didn’t find any duplicate, said I hadn’t even used itunes (no statistics). I am MOST certain I have used iTunes faithfully for 5 or 6 years and i’m not incompetent when it comes to technology. What a complete waste of time and money. I went through their entire support/help. Nothing remotely helped.

This software is a COMPLETE SCAM. Don’t waste your time or money.

Complete Waste of Time - Does not work

Couldn’t find any of my duplicates in my iTunes even though the iTunes find duplicates worked fine. Requested refund from developer and they want me to spend time testing. Since I repaired my iTunes folder directly I don’t need to test it to try and make it work. Avoid buying this software.

Apple App store version will not update to latest version

WARNING: If you buy the version of Tune Sweeper from the Apple App store, and you answer YES to update to a later version, you are now back in TRIAL mode and Wide Angle Software will not answer your request for a registration code. So you are stuck with the version that has bugs in it.

Also the software will sometimes get locked into looking for your iTunes library in only one spot, even though your Mac knows it’s in another spot. And there is no reset key. Even uninstalling and re-installing does not fix this bug… so you are STUCK with a piece of software you paid $20 for and it will not work. AND Wide Angle Software will not return your request for help.


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