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More than a basic check register and reporting tool, CheckBook Pro features everything in CheckBook, our powerfully simple personal finance manager, and then some. Get a report for all of your accounts at once. Search for transactions with any combination of criteria. Group your transactions into folders. Change the details of a group of transactions in a single stroke. CheckBook Pro's simply powerful data management tools make it all just plain easy.

Precisely manage your finances
• Find transactions with simple searches or dozens of powerful search criteria
• Reconcile your accounts to the penny
• Schedule transactions that repeat periodically, like monthly bills and paychecks
• Track cash flow over time with customizable reports so you can see where your money came from and where it’s going

Pro features
• Save complex searches as Smart Folders, so you can search again and again
• Group your transactions into Folders, to tidy up or begin a new year
• Quickly change the details for a group of transactions, instead of one at a time
• Report on all your accounts at the same time
• See pending scheduled transactions for all your accounts with a single reminder
• Save some ink strokes and let CheckBook Pro print your checks for you (pre-printed check paper only). Supports Quicken templates like Standard, Voucher, and Wallet.

Import from other personal finance apps or your bank
• Strong support for OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV and Text
• Import from Quicken® Essentials for Mac

Share and sync your data
• Sync with other users on a local network
• Sync with iCloud

And more
• Manage accounts in multiple currencies
• Transfer funds between accounts without creating two transactions (check out the built-in help or contact us for help)

Learn more about CheckBook Pro
• Download & print CheckBook Pro's built-in help:
• Watch video tutorials of CheckBook Pro:
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Get help
Send questions about CheckBook Pro to [email protected] We're happy to help!


What's new in Version 2.6.4

• Nixes a potential issue where CheckBook Pro might not save changes to an Account’s Currency.
• Prevents a hang that can occur when CheckBook Pro automatically saves your work or when you close your document while another process tries to access it.
• Includes some minor user interface fixes and a few check printing tweaks.



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Customer Reviews

Fantastic replacement for Quicken Essentials

I did not realize when I updated to High Serria that my 2013 Qucken would be caput. Now Qucken is subscription only and I’d be paying for it every year if I wanted to keep it. I needed an app that could get my data from the files and work in much the same way. This app does. The only problem I had was finding the right data file to import. Once I found it all was great (the file should read quickendata). The one thing I do not like is that although I could change the size of font and font size in the main view. The summary font size is small and I do no see a way to change that.

Good Basic Checkbook

I recently moved to a Mac from a windows computer and was looking for an app to replace my Quicken, Checkbook Pro caught my eye. I really like how easy it was to set up, and it lets me keep track of things. I like how deposits are in green and debits in red. The one thing that I miss from Quicken is the transfer feature. In Quicken if you say you are transferring money from one account to another the program automatically credits the receiving account when you enter the debit in the account you are taking money from; with Checkbook Pro, you have to manually debit from one account and deposit to the other. It’s more of a minor inconvenience than a show stopper - at least for me - though.

The Electronis Check Register I was looking for

When Quicken went to subscription service I refused to pay $45 a year for a checkbook register. When I searched the app store several cam up but the reviews and description of CheckBook Pro and the appealing price had me downloading it. I have not regretted it for a moment. It is easy to learn and use. The built in help has answered the few question I have had. To date I have not needed app support.

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CheckBook Pro
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