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DeathSpank got selected as Apple's Mac Store Best Games of 2011 award.

"9/10 DeathSpank does nothing but please" Wired

"9/10 If you like action RPGs and things that are funny, buy this game. You'll be glad you did" RPG Fan

"85/100 Editor's Choice award. If you like sweet loot, hacking things to death, looking at beautiful landscapes and laughing at good writing, you might want to pick up DeathSpank” IGN

"8.5/10 DeathSpank really shines...It's also one of the better-looking and most polished titles in the digital space" Destructoid

For uncounted years, DeathSpank has been a Dispenser of Justice, a Vanquisher of Evil, and a Hero to the Downtrodden. DeathSpank has long searched for a powerful artifact called...The Artifact.

Forged by unknown hands for unknown purposes some unknown time in the past, The Artifact is now within DeathSpank’s reach. But what is The Artifact and what evil tyrant seeks to steal it and how are he and DeathSpank related?

(DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, the second installment of DeathSpank's hilarious adventure is also available on the Mac App Store)


★ The Epic Humor of Ron Gilbert – Ron Gilbert brings his hilarious brand of witty humor and ridiculous dialog to a whole new genre in one of the most epic stories ever told involving a hero and his quest to find The Artifact.
★ Two-Player Local “Sidekick” Co-op – Recruit a friend to fight by your side as your heroic sidekick and work your way together through hellacious dungeons and a mysterious land. Local co-op requires a controller for the second player.
★ Explore a Massive World – The world of DeathSpank is massive and full of tons of unique and hilarious characters, dangerous foes, diverse landscapes, and chickens...lots of chickens.
★ Find and Collect Hundreds of Weapons, Unique Items, and Armor Pieces – Collect hundreds of weapons, armor pieces, and unique items (have you ever collected unicorn poop, or used a chicken launcher?) during your heroic journey and use them to customize your character’s abilities and inventory.

***Player reported issues:

If you are having problems interacting with objects to use them, please ensure you have turned on right-mouse clicking in system mouse preferences. Example: "I keep clicking the bowl and nothing happens. The same goes for the Spooky Fountain and the bucket." In such cases, you need to be able to right-click on the object.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Mac OS X v10.6 or greater
Processor: Intel
CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB free disk space
Video Card: ATI Radeon x1900 or better / NVIDIA 8600M or better
Video Memory (VRAM): 128 MB or higher

* To play with a controller, the controller must be active before you start the game. This is even necessary if your save file
was originally created with a controller.

* Third party drivers are required to play this game using Xbox 360 controllers.



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Customer Reviews


The game runs smoothly and is attractive enough, but the actual gameplay is lacking in my opinion. I love questing games (Tomba and, of course, Elder Scrolls are top notch, IMO), but these quests are uninspired and rather boring. There is no puzzle-solving, absolutely no thinking or logic involved--all the quests are just "find x, bring it back" or "kill this monster for me". It gets really, really old, rather quickly. The game also is rather unbalanced with the amount of items that are in the world. There are so many items and weapons to the point that it just just becomes overkill--there is no excitement at finding a new, powerful weapon because there are sooo many in the world that it doesn't really make a difference. Additionally, there is too much money to be acquired with ease in the game and little impetus to purchase the small amount of items available to buy.

As far as script...many reviews I have seen have called this a "hilarious" game. I am not at all certain of that one. There are a couple of stale jokes and somewhat amusing characters (the trippy Talking Tree stands out), but I would not call this an entertaining or funny script at all. I found Precipice of Darkness to be a lot more entertaining and satisfying in that regard.

Overall, I found myself playing and finishing the game just because I had shelled out $10, not because I was actually "into" the experience. Would not recommend.

Great game and looking forward to playing the others

I'm 100% of the way through the game now and its been a blast. I have no issues with the mouse/keyboard combo and it's just like any other hack and slash control wise. Click to attack and you can easily switch between two sets of weapons with a quick click of the tab key.

The story has been entertaining and fun from start to finish, the graphics are done in a great style and looks great on my big screen all the while being as colorful as could be. Each area is distinct and the difficulty level has been smooth as the game progresses. You're powerful enough and don't really notice how strong you have gotten until you go back to an old area and just wipe it clean with no problem.

Well balanced and just overall fun to play - and on sale! Couldn't ask for much more than that.

My only complain on the layout would be the Enchanted Forest, everything at the entrance is level 20 (the max level in the game) but the baddies get much lower afterwards. I ended up not thinking I was high enough (not knowing level 20 was the max) and saved that for the end of the game whereas one should really play that area a little sooner than that.

5 stars all the way though - the quests were fun, story was enjoyable (and I chuckled plenty of times), and the loot balance was great as well. Highly recommend.

Fantastic game with one crippling bug...

Seriously, this game is super entertaining and really fun, but I've run into a HUGE, frustrating problem: For some reason, if I change the screen resolution at all (which I really want to do to take advantage of my Retina display), the next time I run the game I can only see the bottom left corner of the window, zoomed in super close. This means I can't see the menu at all to fix the resolution, and as a result I've had to uninstall and reinstall the game every time I want to play it, losing my save data and having to start over every time. I've played through the beginning several times, but this one issue is seriously terribly crippling for a game this great.

I don't think I've ever played a game this genuinely funny, but I've also never been so annoyed and disappointed with a game in my life. If any developers are reading this, please go in and fix this issue. I know I'm not the only one that has this problem (it's documented on various forums), yet no patches or fixes have been released. It'd be a great game if it was playable, but until it is, I feel like I just threw away my money.


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Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later

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