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This is the pro version of the best cross platform note taking app with great extra features such as real-time cloud syncing, a detachable and resizable window, font styling, multiple themes and much more.

MiniNote Pro is quite simply the best notes app you will ever use. It has been engineered from the ground up to offer the fastest and most pleasurable note taking experience possible. Try it for a week and you'll be hooked for life.

The app lives in your Mac's menubar and is always available at the click of a button. Use it to write down your thoughts and important pieces of information and be happy in the knowledge that your notes will be easily accessible when needed. Want to create and read your notes on the move? No problem, our real-time syncing service means that your notes will be instantly available via our companion apps for the iPhone & iPad.

Our Pro app gives you the following extra features over MiniNote Lite:

⁕ MiniNote realtime cloud sync service (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
⁕ Detachable window to move and resize the app anywhere around your single or multi screen setup
⁕ Gorgeous custom full screen editing mode
⁕ Choice of two UI themes
⁕ Text styling (bold, italics, underline)
⁕ Undo/Redo buttons
⁕ 6 great fonts with font size selection
⁕ Opacity control
⁕ Complete ad-free experience

In addition to the above Pro features, you also get:

⁕ Beautiful pixel perfect design with retina support
⁕ Advanced dynamic search bar to quickly find the note you are looking for
⁕ Create and view favourites using the Star button.
⁕ Time stamps for each note you create
⁕ Share notes via Email, Facebook, Twitter and iMessage
⁕ Backup notes to a location you choose in RTF and TXT format
⁕ Anchor button to make the app visible above all other apps
⁕ Handy keyboard shortcuts:
- Ctrl + N to open app
- Cmd + Ctrl + N to create a new note
- Cmd + R to anchor
- Cmd + [ to go back to list view
- Cmd + F to search whilst in list view
- Cmd + , to enter the Settings panel
- Cmd + P to Print notes
- Cmd + X/C/V to Cut/Copy/Paste text respectively
- Cmd + Z to undo
- Cmd + Shift + Z to redo
- Cmd + B/U/I to Bold/Underline/Italics text respectively
- Cmd + D to toggle window docking on and off
- Cmd + Shift + E to create a new note with the content you have highlighted
- Esc to hide window 

We've spent a great deal of time thinking about the details and after using this app for a few days, you'll begin to notice our small yet creative touches. We plan on a very active development cycle, so please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback!


What's new in Version 5.0

- Bug fixes



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Customer Reviews

Fills an important note taking gap.

I’ve been using MiniNote and MiniNotePro for a good number of years. It’s benefits are that it’s immediately accessible, the search function makes it easy to retreive notes, it can be positioned to float above other windows, and it can be moved around on the screen. The combination of these features makes it my goto tool, whenever I need to copy/paste something from another program, from a webpage, a bookmark, or quickly write down an idea, without leaving what I’m doing.
Example: I read an interesting article online and I want to send my friend a link to the article, plus the title and the first paragraph, in order to give him an idea about the article.
Normally, I would have to copy the link, go to my email program, paste the link into the email, return to the webpage that contains the article, select title and first paragraph, and then return to the email.
MiniNote streamlines the process. I click on the MiniNote icon, select a new note, detach the note and make it float above other windows. All the while, I haven’t left the webpage containing the article. I select the link to the article and paste into the open mininote, then I select the title and text and also paste it in the mininote. Now I navigate to my email, copy the complete mininote and paste it into my email, and voila! Done.

One of the most valuable apps I own!

I use this app literally every day, several times a day. It’s simple, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s my main note/text editor. I love how it just gets out of your way when you change to another app, but when I want it to stay on top I can just use the anchor icon and it will stay open and on top of other apps. I use the star icon for things I want to appear at the top for quick access, but the search function works beautifully to find something quickly. I use it for work, I use it for research, I use it for lists, I use it for ideas and brainstorming. I listen to a lot of interviews and MiniNotetab Pro makes it so easy to take notes. I tried a lot of other note taking apps, and list making apps, productivity apps for notes, lists and organizing… nothing else I found comes close to this. It’s brilliant! One of the best apps in the app store. Kudos to the developers, they did a great job with both usability and functionality.

Not all the rave the other say it is

You can't even move the notes to change the order manually
I have to add a number to the title just so it sortof sorts them by Alphabetically
Until I edit one and then it's moved, the last updated one is moved to the top,
this makes me have to re-edit and edit again. It's a visual edit and it should allow me to organize visually

I can't even take a picture to be a note, the notes app lets me do this
I can't even drag a picture to the app, it just show me the path location to the file and even then the link is not active

The date and time make absolutely no sense, it shows when I typed the note today in time and then the date after it's past 24 hours, and I can't sort by this feature
I can't change or add a date as to a do date for this feature.

you use a star as a pin and that make no sense, it should be a circle or something that makes logical sense. Star is for priority, it would of been a nice feature

I should have a checkbox column so I can say I completed it
I should be able to filter and hide the items I completed but keep them there for reference and not have to delete the items permanently

I try and use this app, but Note from Apple that is FREE is far better note taker
you should start from there and add the features that Apples notes is missing

your not offering me anything better then the Free one so I don’t recomend people buying this even for a dollar to get less features and a confusing GUI to boot


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MiniNote Pro
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