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By SquidMelon

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Lock Screen Plus is a secure and beautiful lock screen application combining with a weather forecast. You can swipe keyboard, swipe trackpad, or single click to unlock screen. You can choose a variety of themes (totally free!) which have different layouts and unique unlock styles. 

The application provides a variety of themes starting with 20 themes and we are adding themes continuously. Each theme has different layout, clock, wifi, battery bar, weather forecast, and also unique unlock styles. 

The application also provide a variety of preferences so you can customize your lock screen as you want. List of key options are
• Choose wallpaper, time format, lock sound, and custom lock text.
• Choose an animation when lock and unlock screen (such as zoom, fade, rise up etc.)
• Choose weather source ( NOAA or ) , location, and unit.
• Choose unlock method - You can choose either keyboard, trackpad, or mouse to unlock screen.
• Set password for security. You can also set password to unlock screen or even to open preferences.
• Lock screen when inactive or sleep.
• Lock screen at Login.
• Lock hotkey.
• Battery status and internet connection.
• Variety of themes.

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What's new in Version 2.2

- Add new Zombie Theme.
- Fix Bug Lock shortcut not working when hide menubar icon.
- Fix Bug when lock with multiple monitor.



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Customer Reviews

Slick app but you need a compatablility fix the OS X Yosemite.

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I thought my Macbook Pro was defective and I found out the cause of the issue. When, i close and reopen my laptop my screen would have lines and you will see both desktop and the background screen while flickering screen. So, I uninstalled it and rebooted my macbook after the uninstall. Logged-in and closed my laptop and re-opened it. There was no flickering and scrambled screen. It was not my macbook pro that had the issue. I also reinstalled lock screen plus and tried it again with locking and closing my Macbook pro and re-open the lid. Then there you again scrambled screen with desktop and the locked screen photo flickering. I would like to use your software again once you fix the incompatability issue with OS X Yosemite. Once, it is fix I will give your app 5 out of 5.

The Same Story As Everyone Else

This is a very slick app. The graphics are superb and the presentation of the lock screen is superb. The big issue with this app is that sometimes it will lock up the entire computer and you can’t type a password in. Your only course of action is to restart the computer and then you are automatically shuttled onto the desktop anyway so who cares about a password lock, right? Sometimes when coming back from Sleep mode you will be able to see the desktop and everything on it for a few seconds before the lock screen appears so I hope you don’t leave any sensitive information up when you lock the screen.

There’s potential in this app, but not until they fix these bugs that render it useless.

Not compatible with Yosemite

I used this program for a couple years and it was ok. The graphics were nice, it never really froze up, and it was nice to be able to lock my screen without putting the computer to sleep. Even then, however, I found something annoying. I never liked how you have to hold down a button before you can enter password. Always found it a waste of time. BUT THE REAL PROBLEM now is that it will not work with Yosemite. If the program kicks on, it freezes up my whole computer, makes the screens flicker, etc. I can’t even click my way to the shutdown/restart button. The only way out of the mess created by Lock Screen Plus is manually to hold down the power button and take ages for the restart. Pain. I’m uninstalling it now and will not be back for later versions.


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Lock Screen Plus
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