Network Speed Monitor

By Fangcheng Yin

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Network Speed Monitor is a simple and easy-to-use application to display your current network speed in menu bar, including the downloading and uploading data.

When your computer connects to the network, you can see your current network speed with Network Speed Monitor.

Network Speed Monitor is a handy application for you to monitor and record your income and outcome data and keep you alert about whatever is running in your computer.

Main features:
01. Put the menu item in the leftmost place on the menu bar so that other menu items will not fluctuate.
02. Automatically show the speed between Mbps and Kbps.
03. Click and choose to change the refresh interval from 1 second to 10 seconds.
04. Opt to switch from Bits per second to Bytes per second.
05. Check your real network speed to know whether it reaches to the speed which the network operators promise.
06. Know whether there are some hidden applications are running to slow down your network than normal.
07. Keep a track of your internet bandwidth usage so that you will know whether your internet stream go beyond the limit.
08. Instead of having the up and downlink speeds side by side, you can select to put them one on top of the other.
09. Instead of just one color, you can have the download as green and upload red.
10. Add an up arrow and down arrow next to the numbers so you know which one is upstream and which downstream. You need select the menu item "show the up and down arrow" first.
11. Add a menu option to choose between mbit/s, kbit/s and auto.
12. Add a menu item to reset the "Data Received/Data Sent" Stats.

◆◆◆ Bug Fix & Feature Request ◆◆◆
If you have any problem, please email us at [email protected]
We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.


What's new in Version 2.1.1

uses upper case KB and MB for bytes and uses lower case Kb and Mb for bits



OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Best network speed monitor on the App Store

This app should be built into OSX!

This small little application has been running on my Mac since more than 5 years now. I’ve been looking to it every single minute since.

Accurate speed. You can switch between bytes and bits in the app settings.
Eats very low system resources. If your Mac is built after 2010 you’ll be fine.
Amazing author support. In the exceptional occasion you do have issues the author will help you out.

If your work depends on your internet (or LAN) connection do not look any further. This is by far the best monitoring app on the market.
Mature app. I love it.

Just What I Needed

I also use MenuMeters which is wonderful. MenuMeters does not give the choice of bits or bytes though. Network Speed Monitor does. My only suggestion would be to add a font choice. The default font doesn’t match the rest of the menu bar.

Crap. Doesn’t work as supposed

I purchased the app and after I installed it it showed the network speed. BUT the netwrk speed is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the real speed. NEVER. E.g. I have a speed of 66/21 mb/s and it shows 1.9kb/s /41.2 kb/s that is about 99% wrong.

I sent 3 emails to them and they didn’t bother to answer. Save you money and the aggravation of an app that is not working.

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Network Speed Monitor
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Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

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