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*** DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION! Get Pythonista 3 instead. This legacy version is still available, so that existing customers can get bugfix updates, but Pythonista 3 includes all features of this, and more (including support for Python 3). You can find Pythonista 3 in the "Related" tab right here. ***

Pythonista brings the Zen of Python™ to your iPad or iPhone.

Pythonista is an integrated development environment for writing Python™ scripts on iOS. You can create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a powerful calculator.

With extensive support for URL schemes, access to the iOS clipboard and photo library, and the powerful modules in the Python standard library, it is also possible to use Pythonista as a flexible automation tool for text or image processing. You can even run Python scripts within other apps, using the Pythonista app extension that is accessible from the standard iOS share sheet.

>>> Full-featured, scriptable code editor with syntax highlighting and code completion
>>> Extended keyboard, designed specifically for Python
>>> Interactive prompt with code completion and history
>>> Complete offline documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor
>>> Multiple light and dark color themes
>>> Visual UI editor for quick prototyping
>>> Includes most of the Python standard library and additional modules for graphics, sound, and iOS system services (e.g. clipboard, contacts, reminders, twitter, UI...)
>>> Matplotlib and NumPy for scientific visualizations
>>> Lots of other popular third-party modules, e.g. requests, BeautifulSoup, Flask, bottle, SymPy, and more.
>>> Lots of included examples to get started
>>> Universal app for iPad and iPhone


Based on Python 2.7.5; the name "Pythonista" is used with kind permission of the Python Software Foundation.


What's new in Version 2.1.1

+++ Pythonista 3 is out NOW! It includes full support for Python 3.5, an integrated debugger, snippets, custom file templates, and lots of other new features. You can find it in the "Related" tab right here (or search for "Pythonista 3"). As a user of Pythonista 2.x, you can get version 3 at a discount by purchasing the "Pythonista 3 Upgrade Bundle". +++

• The Python interpreter has been updated to 2.7.12 (from 2.7.5).
• New traceback viewer for exceptions -- it now appears in a (movable) floating window, and contains a tab for viewing values of variables in the selected stack frame.
• Fixed crashes during code completion for ``numpy``/``matplotlib``.
• The `speech` module contains new functions for speech recognition, in addition to speech synthesis (iOS 10 only).
• The `sound` module contains a new `Recorder` class for recording audio files from the microphone. `sound.play_effect` and `sound.Player` have also been improved to support stereo panning.



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Customer Reviews

Good, but cannot disable autocomplete

So far this app has worked pretty well and been pretty easy to manage, but one thing is driving me absolutely insane: you cannot disable autocomplete. The autocomplete algorithm is pretty awful, turning "sim" into "staticmethod". If you've written "Data" anywhere in your file, it'll start autocompleting "data" into "Data" even as keyword arguments. There is no apparent way to disable the autocomplete, which is significantly slowing down my work.

Upgrade pricing?

I would like to bump up to Pythonista 3, but the "upgrade bundle" shows up in the app store as more expensive than just buying 3.

needs updates! 16 mo and nothing. support pygame and sound synthesis!

First, why is the Pythonista 3 Upgrade $14.99 while buying the new version from scratch is $9.99? It's like they are penalizing you for owning the prior version!

Regardless of the Python version, in order for this to be really useful, I need some pretty standard library support (pygame, hello? the Web Audio API, Kivy, etc.) that is 100% compatible with the desktop or browser equivalents, and a way to easily program the more specialized native iPhone features (sound synthesis, for one. Even a Commodore 64 could do that!).

* support for Web Audio API (if any browser can do it, why not iOS?)

* ability to generate sounds (not just play back canned samples), ie support for simple ADSR or FM synthesis, or even playing basic square, saw, triangle, noise waveforms with ability to control volume and pitch, and maybe even pan left to right)

* multichannel audio support (play 2 or more different sounds at the same time, from different sound sources)

* full-duplex audio (ie record while playing back audio, or primitive sound-on-sound recording)

* pygame library (include working examples)

* HTML5 interface support (with example code)

* kivy library (include working examples)

Come on, are we going to program useful iOS from within iOS or what?

For now, I am giving this app one star because I don't use it. It doesn't allow me to create or run programs on my iPhone that can make it do what I want it to do.


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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • iTunes Price: $9.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Jan 24, 2017
  • Version: 2.1.1
  • Size: 368 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: omz:software
Rated 4+

Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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