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HearingAmp allows you to amplify and filter the sounds in your environment. It uses the microphone in your phone to tune the sound in real-time, producing a cleaner, crisper sound through your earphones. You can reduce background noise and amplify different frequency bands, allowing you to tune sound performance to your current surroundings.

A number of preset frequency profiles are provided as templates. Users can create and modify profiles for use in various locations such as airplanes, classrooms, or crowded areas.

HearingAmp uses a state of the art signal processing engine to tailor and enhance incoming sound. It provides effective noise reduction and voice amplification in any environment.

If you use a Bluetooth headset, the headset quality will affect the performance of HearingAmp. In addition, its intrinsic A2DP protocol will increase the latency in real-time communication.


What's new in Version 2.0

- Support for iOS 14+
- Improved latency with bluetooth headset
- Fixed a minor bug when [Enhanced NR] mode is active

If you use a Bluetooth headset with any iOS device, its intrinsic A2DP protocol will increase the latency in real-time communication.



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  • Updated: 08.05.2021
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Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod. Requires iOS 8.0 or newer.

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