Blue Light Therapy - 4 Minute Wake and Sleep

By Alexander Stone

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Do you know that blue and orange colors affect greatly the rate at which we fall asleep and the mood in which we wake up? Blue Light Therapy is the app that capitalizes on this science to make you sleeping and waking a bliss!

Blue Light Therapy App naturally wakes up your brain by stimulating suprachiasmatic nucleus, a brain region is activated by blue light and responsible for sleep to wake transition. Fire light instills feeling of safety and relaxes you, helping fall asleep faster.

Quick and easy - consider using this brain stimulation app when you need more energy and coffee is not available or is not fast enough! Effects in just 4 minutes!

+ Boosts MOOD
+ Easier to GET OUT OF BED
+Relax for SLEEP with orange light
+ Restores ALERTNESS
+ Feel yourself SMILING
+ Improves MOTIVATION in office environments

These are the effects of your brain rewarding you with happiness for thinking it is in a good environment, which is beneficial to your health and safety.

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1. Do not use at night (APP WAKES YOU UP)
2. Best used in a WELL LIT ROOM in the morning
3. PREPARE device:
4. DISABLE night shift feature via control center
5. Set device BRIGHTNESS to maximum
6. Set PLAY TIME to 4 minutes
7. TOUCH the screen and play with ripple effect
8. The app will close the session
9. RESTORE device brightness and night shift

DO NOT USE AT NIGHT - this will cause you to take longer to fall asleep.


+QUICK brain stimulation restores alertness and focus
+Helps WAKE UP in the morning
+Immerse yourself in all shades of blue, and FEEL BETTER!
+INTERACTIVE blue light light wallpaper - touch screen to produce ripples
+KEEPING YOUR BRAIN ENGAGED with ripple effects


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This app is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. Always consult your physician, psychiatrist or caregiver before starting any brain stimulation programs.

Touch the screen to produce ripples. Move your finger to produce mesmerizing waves. Interactivity keeps your brain stimulated with the blue light and ripples prevent you from tuning them out. It’s like tickling your eye receptors :)

Light therapy has been proposed for a variety of medical conditions, and light is administered in the early morning. This app uses low intensity screen back lights, which are NOT EFFECTIVE FOR PSORIASIS!

Use this app on dark and gloomy days to boost your energy. Engage yourself with a splashy tropical colorful light. Unlike any other light source, you can play with this interactive wallpaper.

Now you have a little piece of sky everywhere you go! Put this phone wallpaper next to your computer as you work and start the app. The ever-changing pattern of ripples will keep your brain from filtering out the light. Escape depression with an ever changing patterns of interactive blue and white light therapy!

Try this app after you wake up if you have a sleep disorder - blue light therapy has been shown to promote sleep/wake transition.

You can learn more about your eyes and sleep to wake transition using these terms: suprachiasmatic nucleus, Melanopsin, Melatonin, Circadian Rhythm. Maintaining good sleep hygiene is essential to your health and youthful appearance.

I hope that this app would help some people deal with yet another year of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but please understand that 200 lumen, white-light based backlight of iPhone may not produce the same results as 10000lumen dedicated light box.



What's new in Version 3.0

Now with sleep mode - orange fire light calms your brain with feeling of safety and acceptance
New Audio tracks to influence sleep and wakefulness
New loop mode - app plays forever
Stability and performance improvements



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Customer Reviews


I got this free in Apps Gone Free 1 day. Very nice & pleasant little sleep/wake audio/visual app. (Altho I alwez thought blu made people sleepy, sleeping pills r blu, night-time pictures r alwez dark blu, popular bedroom color is blu) but I love this neat little app. 😊🌞🌝🌙☀️😴

Blue Light Therapy

I liked it. But it only stays on briefly. Would prefer it would stay on for 45 minutes to an hour. Otherwise it ruins the moment to have to keep hitting the phone to keep it going.

Wow! Not blue at all!

I bought this app with the intention of using a blue light screen on my iPad. I want to run it for 5 minutes or so in the morning to help me wake up and be more alert.

What I got was one screen with a "blue-tinted" beach scene for waking up, and a orange-tinted fire scene to help me wind down at night.

I didn't buy this to be entertained and yet someone decided that was what was needed.

The description in the app sales area should be more clear and should include screen shots. This was (to me) a real waste of money!


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Blue Light Therapy - 4 Minute Wake and Sleep
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