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iCacti helps you to monitor server's - Linux, Windows, Mac - and your network device's - printer, router, switch - activity, status and uptime and display historical graphs about them. The application accesses your remote server or computer and natively displays graphical information on your desktop. It alerts you when any of the monitored hosts become unavailable or a server resource reach a threshold limit.


• Connecting to Cacti instances through HTTP/HTTPS
• Access Cacti instances protected by authentication (including Builtin, Web Basic and LDAP authentication)
• Log in to multiple accounts
• Display thumbnails of graphs for overview
• Monitoring host status and availability
• Monitoring threshold alerts
• Display threshold and host status alerts in Mountain Lion's Notification Center


Cacti is a complete network graphing solution that should be installed on the remote server/computer. More info:
It does not require to install any plugin on your Cacti instance but the connecting user has to be access to the tree view and the "Default Tree View Mode" should be set to "Dual Pane".


If you have any feedback or question, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach us via email at [email protected] or on twitter at @webin. For more information about iCacti, please visit our website:


What's new in Version 1.1.3

- Improved graph tree detection
- Added support for Retina displays



OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Strike oanother one up for the win guys that want to see us fail! Complete waste of money!

Do not buy, complete waste of money!! This app reminds me of when I was doing software develpment testing/QA. I would get BETA ver .0001a and maybe one screen with one control performing one function. Its like, the developer gave up after the first day and one of his colleagues or relatives figured selling what was done was worth a try.

ARRRRGGGHHH!!! I feel very angry when this kind of thing happens. Apple should also do a BETTER JOB SELECTING WHAT THEY PUT ON THEIR APP STORE!!!! This is the kind of app you would see on some freeware obscure web site. On a site like the, I expect some quality assurance in that what I am buying at least meets a minimum criteria. (Full menu’s, Full Help System, fulfills what it says it does, etc…) if apple scrutinized this and developed standards, you would not have as many low ranking apps.

Way to go Apple! Strike oanother one up for the windows guys that want to see us fail.

Read the reviews to understand this App

First this App works great for what it is. However…It isn’t much. Atleast it’s not what I thought it was.

This app is NOT for installing on the machine you want to monitor. It IS FOR connecting to your existing Cacti server(s). If you just have one Cacti server you connect with, well you may as well just use a shorcut/bookmark in your web browser. It does save your connection details so perhaps it’s better than just a web browser but I couldn’t sell it for $8 just for that. But! If you have Cacti installed on multiple systems and would like a quick way to connect to and monitor (basics) of those Cacti instances than this is a nice little app and was worth the 8$ for my uses.

Waste of money for casual user

I’ve been interested in monitoring network traffic through my Airport Extremes and was happy to find a version of Cacti that offered native OSX support. What was not obvious on Webin’s website is that iCacti is merely a front end to view an existing Cacti installation — you still have to go through the Cacti installation which, for a non-technical user, is pretty daunting. Save your $8 and use the built-in browser view that comes with Cacti.

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iCacti - Server monitor
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