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BusyCal is an award winning calendar app that provides powerful time-saving productivity tools in a friendly, personalized, easy-to-use package.

BusyCal's unique and powerful features include customizable calendar views, scrolling Month and Week views, an integrated Info Panel for quickly viewing and editing events, integrated To Dos that display in the calendar and carry-forward until completed, custom font sizes and styles, graphics, live weather feeds and moon phases, and a menu bar app for quick access to the current day's events and weather.

BusyCal supports iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, and other CalDAV servers, enabling you to sync and share your calendars through the cloud with other Macs running BusyCal or the built-in Calendar app on OS X, as well as iPhones and iPads running the built-in Calendar app on iOS.

Calendar Views

• Display your calendar by Month, Week, Day, Year or List
• Customize the number of weeks shown per month, or days shown per week
• List view displays custom date ranges and columns, including automatic totaling of hours for time billing

Manage To Dos

• To Dos can be displayed directly in your calendar and carry-forward until completed
• Control the date range and sorting of To Dos in the To Do List
• Create repeating To Dos
• To Dos in BusyCal are compatible and sync with the Reminders app on OS X and iOS


• Alarms may displayed in the BusyCal Alarm Window or the Notification Center
• Snooze alarms for any duration, including x minutes before start
• Set default alarm intervals for new Events, To Dos, All-Day Events, and Birthdays & Anniversaries

BusyCal Menu

• Display a list of today's events and weather forecast in the menu bar
• View event details, mark a To Do as completed, or create new events using natural language
• Display the menu with a shortcut key

Weather, Graphics, Holidays and Birthdays

• Display a live 10-day weather forecast and moon phases
• Drag-n-drop images into your calendar with the new Graphics palette
• Display stylized Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
• Customize event fonts, sizes, styles and colors

Info Panel

• Info panel allows you to view and edit event details directly
• Customize the fields shown, such as Location, Time Zone, Tags, and Last edit time
• Adjust dates and times with arrow keys or the new date picker


• Arrange calendars into Groups and instantly show/hide them with a single click
• Create Smart Filters to display a set of calendars, a custom view, or events that match a certain criteria
• Use tags to track important events, projects or clients

Sync and Share calendars

• Sync and share calendars with iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, and other CalDAV servers
• Inbox displays notifications of meetings and changes made to events on shared calendars
• Availability Viewer displays free/busy time when scheduling meetings
• Share calendars on your LAN with other BusyCal users


• Sync BusyCal with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch through iCloud, Exchange or Google Calendar
• Events in BusyCal sync with the iOS Calendar app
• To Dos in BusyCal sync with the iOS Reminders app


• Create automatic backups
• Set default calendar, start time and duration for new events
• New Find window lets you search your entire calendar independent of the current view
• Option to display a warning when modifying an event on a shared calendar


What's new in Version 2.6.9

• Decreased swiping sensitivity on Magic Mouse
• Fixed crash when storing backups to iCloud Drive



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Customer Reviews

Gorgeous, Unbelievably High-Functioning Calendar!

In my humble opinion, this is the straight-up winner for a calendar on your Mac, period. I checked out about six, then test-drove the two that looked like they would have the best features, functions, appearance, etc. (Coincidentally, they also appear to be the two “biggies” in popularity for use in lieu of the native Mac Calendar.) And both were great - I could even see how some would prefer that other one. For my purposes, BusyCal won hands down. I was able to customize it in certain ways that I could not on the others. (Some of these customizations would only apply to me, no doubt, but hey, that’s what customization is about!) The result is a gorgeous, unbelievably high-functioning calendar on my MacBook Pro, that syncs with my online calendar and does everything I wanted, thought I might want, and didn’t even think about before. When Apple Care has screen-shared with me (for unrelated little issues) and BusyCal is up (like on a restart), I almost always hear a comment to the effect of “That’s an amazing looking calendar!” (Yes, I do color-tag the entries by category.) This one’s an investment, to be sure, but to me it was worth every dime! P.S. There are articles and blog posts online that provide lots of useful “hidden tips and tricks” for BusyCal - check them out!

Great app for this category

I would give it 5 stars for how it stacks up against other bland calendar apps. It basically is the best BASIC calendar app for planning and keeping track of dates.

What I wish it would do is give more flexibility with producing printed calendars that are graphics-rich, containing photos or clip art, etc. Years ago, when I was in the Windows world there was a great calendar program (which I cannot remember the name of) which did more than basic events and activitiy tracking, but you could print out wonderful, graphics-rich, colorful calendars for your school, church, office or organization. I've been so many years in the Mac world, I've just gotten used to printing boring, plain-Jane calendars that merely get across the basic events and activities information, but not in any seriously interesting way.

But for my own personal and business tracking of events and activities—the most important purpose of a calendar app, there is no better app that I have found thanBusyCal 2 (and I have tried 6-7 of them), and I use BusyCal 2 every single day and now use no other calendar app.

Fantastic customer support

A few days before Christmas my BusyCal started acting up: I had unlinked and relinked my iCloud calendars and BusyCal started crashing on start-up (every darn time). I rant through the basic fixes I could think of but with no avail. Flummoxed, I decided to ask for help from the folks at BusyCal, not really expecting much—certainly not a live response within 39 minutes. Over the course of the several emails the customer support rep (or reps) worked with me to find the problem and come up with a fix by midafternoon and I was one my way again. I remain very, very impressed.

Also, as someone who has been using BusyCal since May 2011—and who uses it to aggregate my iCloud, Outlook/Exchange, and Google calendars—I really simply can say enough about it’s functionality. It’s a rich application and incredibly stable (and clearly has phenomenol customer support). I really can’t imagine using anything else.



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BusyCal 2
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