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You can store your encrypted files on external drives, network folders, cloud services and don’t worry about file security. The Crypt Sync Files encrypts / decrypts and synchronize files between local folders and USB Drive, memory cards, network drives, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.) You can choose the encryption AES256 or ZIP archive with a password. Features: - Two mode of encryption. AES256 or ZIP archive with a password. - Encryption / decryption and sync any number of folders same time. - 6 modes of synchronizing. - Tracking deletions in synchronized folders, real 2-way sync. - Automatic encryption / decryption and synchronization on the fly, when there are changes. - Schedule your encryption / decryption and synchronization for any time. - Encryption / decryption and sync Macs across a network. - Encryption / decryption and sync local folders and folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.) - Encryption / decryption and sync external drives (USB, memory cards, etc.) with your Mac, and vice versa. - Powerful filter for files and/or folders on the entry and/or exclusion. - View the latest changes in synchronized folders. Quick view last changes and Finder Integration. - Saving the synchronized files in a specific location ("Delete folder"). Using this mode you are insured against accidental deletion of files, and can always return all the files even if you are re-sync a few times. Structure of folders and subfolders stored in the "Delete Folder". - Each sync task has the status showing when it was done last time. - Run as Menu Bar App. 
- Work in the background. - Logging of the encryption / decryption and synchronization process. - The app has a limitation on the size of the encrypted file. Encrypted file size must be less than 33% of the RAM Mac.


What's new in Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 - Improved compatibility with macOS 10.13 (User Settings)

- New app icon
- The app prevents sleep mode during synchronization or using "Auto Sync" mode.
- Improved reading of the file structure
- Enable/disable showing App icon in the Dock
- Grayscale/Color icon in Menu Bar
- Enable/disable character indication of Sync-Results in Menu Bar. (Displays the different status of the App for people with limited color vision)
- Optional enabling "Reset of Error-Indication E" Every New Sync"
- Improved mode "Auto-Sync".
- Added button "Reset Database"
- the possibility to see the "Log All Events" and / or "Error Log"
- the possibility to choose the events for "Log All Events"
- the possibility to choose the events for "Error Log"
- enable / disable the creation of "Log All Events"
- enable / disable the creation of "Error Log"
- Added "Sync Subfolder Attributes".
- Show the date of the "Next Sync".
- Auto Sync every __ seconds for each task.
- Before sync check the changes in the folders after last start/finish sync
- Timer before Auto Sync
- Connect to network folders at launch
- Disconnect network folders after sync
- Close the main window without dialog box
- Show number of the files which has been read during reading file structure.
- Improved filter. Filter by the beginning, ending, exact match, any match string. =begin=String, or =end=String, or =exact=String, or ==String. So you can include / exclude hidden, tmp, with specific expansion and etc. files. You can use complex filtering conditions as (=begin=2009, and =end=.jpg,) or (=begin=2010, and =end=.png,). Possibility to make «Folder Filter» for sub-path as: =exact=subfolder1/subfolder2/subfolderN
- added "Error Log" (for logging error events only: "Was disabling folders during sync", "Directory not exist", etc.).



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Crypt Sync Files
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