Multiplayer for Minecraft PE

By Innovative Devs

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*** The first App which allows you to PLAY AND HOST Minecraft PE online right from your device - no Desktop/PC required! Another world first - play online over WiFi/3G/4G/LTE too ***

HOST your own PE servers right from your own device (iPod, iPhone and iPad), no desktop computer required! No recurring charges, no In-App purchases :-)

PLAY on hundreds of public servers, or privately against your friends. Enjoy online play without having to be on the same wifi. Your crafting is finally set free from having to be on the same wifi. Better still, you can use in game voice chat for free and talk to other players while you play!

Play on hundreds of POCKETMINE servers, including special servers only available to users of the app e.g. Mini Games, Temple of Notch, Dungencraft, Legendcraft!

- Create/Host your own servers and advertise them on the App for others to join you.
- Create/Host private servers, so only friends you've invited can join.
- Free in game voice chat. Stevie won't need to learn sign language, all participants can use in game voice chat to communicate.
- Server hosts can manage users, with the ability to kick and ban griefers.
- Free game to keep you busy while you look for a server to connect to.
- Play online using WiFi
- Play online using 3G/4G/LTE

No subscriptions, no charges, no waiting for your server to be approved. Finally you can have more than just creepers to keep you company on your Minecraft World.

[NOTE: This application will require you to install a VPN profile and connect to our network via the VPN. Only game related traffic will pass over the VPN, all other traffic will pass over your normal network connection. This application requires you to have either the free or paid version of Minecraft PE]

(If you have any issues, please contact using the email button in the app! We've yet to find anyone who's issue we've not been able to fix!) 

Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game MineCraft or affiliated with the game and its makers in anyway.


What's new in Version 2.18

Initial HotFix for iOS 10 compatibility/issues



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Customer Reviews

Used to work not anymore

It keeps crashing and it doesn't work properly
I used to play it all the time and it was really fun to do multiplayer with people that I knew and I can join there world and they can join mine. Something happened and it doesn't do that anymore I can't get on anyone's terrain without it crashing on me
And it's not just my device I've tried on multiplayer devices and in different places with diffrent wifi
And my friends also have the same problem. I've been reading reviews and everyone is saying the same thing
The makers of the app
You must know why it is not working anymore and are not doing something about it
I have been having problems with this for a long time now and nothing has changed
So in my opinion. Either fix it, do what ever you can to make It so we can all enjoy it with Minecraft. it is to much to fix that nothing can be done, maybe create a whole new app with multiplayer I'm sure a lot of people will pay money to use it. I know I will. Just a suggestion. Because this app was really fun and let us connect with others on our own terrain, because if nothing changes this app is good for nothing. So either fix it or delete it off the App Store.
Please do something!

Remove VPN!!!!

I used to use this app all the time. I would be able to join anyone's work granted they didn't have too many people on. Now, I have to have a "vpn" account to use the app, and I don't even know what that is. I also don't care what it is, all I know is that it is just pointless and that you got the app right the first time around. Please remove vpn, because I, and almost every person to ever use this app, think it's stupid. VPN is the reason this app has such a bad rating, and also the reason that there are only FOUR people hosting a world. Please fix this vpn thing and I am sure more people will download, use, and give a good rating to this app. At the very least, put why you use vpn on the media so people actually know why you have implemented it into your app.


Ok so I got this app to play with my friends and I typed in the name and did everything it needed me to do and I put multiplayer on my setting on minecraft and so did my friend. I sent him a request to join my game and it said he joined my game and I typed in hi and I didn't get an answer. So I texted him and told him to leave (thou he really wasn't joined) and I placed a bed for the spawn point and it said he joined but he really didn't. We tried joining each other's game for 2 hours and we got NOTHING!!! The next day he sent me a request so I joined and he was right in front of me so I pressed the walk button and the minute I pressed the button the game crashed! I tried to join a random server to test it and nothing happened... If I were you I wouldn't waste my money on this junk.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE
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  • iTunes Price: $2.99
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  • Updated: Oct 05, 2016
  • Version: 2.18
  • Size: 20.4 MB
  • Language: English
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Rated 4+

Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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