Multiplayer for Minecraft PE

By Innovative Devs

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*** The first and only App which allows you to PLAY AND HOST Minecraft PE online right from your device - no Desktop/PC required! Another world first - play online over WiFi/3G/4G/LTE too or even locally over Bluetooth! ***

HOST your own PE servers right from your own device (iPod, iPhone and iPad), no desktop computer required! No recurring charges, no In-App purchases :-)

PLAY on hundreds of public servers, or privately against your friends. Enjoy online play without having to be on the same wifi. Your crafting is finally set free from having to be on the same wifi. Better still, you can use in game voice chat for free and talk to other players while you play!

Play on hundreds of POCKETMINE servers, including special servers only available to users of the app e.g. Mini Games, Temple of Notch, Dungencraft, Legendcraft!

- Create/Host your own servers and advertise them on the App for others to join you.
- Create/Host private servers, so only friends you've invited can join.
- Free in game voice chat. Stevie won't need to learn sign language, all participants can use in game voice chat to communicate.
- Server hosts can manage users, with the ability to kick and ban griefers.
- Free game to keep you busy while you look for a server to connect to.
- Play online using WiFi
- Play online using 3G/4G/LTE
- Play locally using Bluetooth!

No subscriptions, no charges, no waiting for your server to be approved. Finally you can have more than just creepers to keep you company on your Minecraft World.

[NOTE: This application requires you to have either the free or paid version of Minecraft PE]

(If you have any issues, please contact using the email button in the app! We've yet to find anyone who's issue we've not been able to fix!) 

Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game MineCraft or affiliated with the game and its makers in anyway.


What's new in Version 1.87

Compatibility update for mcpe 0.11



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Customer Reviews


This doesn't work!! When I try to inject to a server, most of the time it doesn't even connect but when it does, minecraft says 'world cannot be found' total waste of money, don't buy.

Please revert the update! Multiplayer needs to help in this change.

Dear Mojang

This is what I think of the update. The update is good in many ways, has some cool ideas. But one think I really really dislike about the update is that you can now hange between survival and creative mode. I think this is soooo cheating, I love Minecraft multiplayer and I find it really sad to think that after all my long hours of world on survival worlds, now means nothing, All the players that join my server will think nothing of it, They will say I all did it on creative mode. Another reason why I don't like this part of the update is because you loose the incentive to do so much stuff, for example if I need an ore I Think why bother, Hence I have never been mining since the update. Another Example is, If I need milk for a cake I'm making, The cow is on the other side of the map, Why bother, just spawn a cow. This new mode has made every one so lazy and taken the fun out of Minecraft. There is no point doing anything on survival mode Minecraft anymore because you just turn on creative mode. Also If you have made a survival server and said to yourself Ill never cheat, Well you go mining for diamonds, after 5 minutes you become tempted to switching modes. After 10 minutes you cant take it any more, So you switch modes and get the diamonds. You feel like you have cheated the world ruined all of the worlds naturalness, You have brought in a resources that was never naturally in the world. You need to eliminate the temptation, You might say it's easy enough to just not change modes, Believe you me it is way harder then you think not to change modes. There is no point going on other peoples servers anymore to help them, Because they can help themselves, They just turn on creative and they don't need you. The only mode I ever played was survival, Because it is lifelike and If you build cool things on it, people think its cool, but if you build something on creative people don't think its awesome as so many people make way cooler things then you/me would ever make. This update means people can never distinguish the different between the two modes, as people will change their mode. This means that on one of my survival worlds, All those hours of work were wasted, People will think I Just cheated. There is no real point playing this game anymore, For all those who loved survival mode. Our goal was two survival and build something awesome on our survival worlds, Knowing the people would find how much we had done on a survival world amazing. After hours on a survival mode when I have finally completed a hotel I now think "What a waste of time I could have just changed mode". This makes survival mode very discouraging and puts me off Minecraft. For me anyway it is as if you have deleted survival mode. I have two solutions to this problem, You could change that part of the update back where you can change modes, So the next update means you cant change the modes. The other alternative is to make it so that when you create a new world you turn on something in settings that makes it so that you can never change modes. If you turn on this setting it means you cannot change mode ever. If you turn this setting on, when you join a world (on multiplayer Minecraft) it will have something next to the world or server that indicates this world has not changed modes (You could also just add an indicator if you were going on your own world, So people could see that the server is not aloud to change modes. I will be writing to the creators of Minecraft Multiplayer to get them to make it clear which servers had not changed modes by using an indicator. Please make the right choice. I love Minecraft it is my favourite game, But won't be much longer if the modes issue is not delt with. Many people agree with me on this issue. So if you do not change it other people feel the same as me so might stop playing. Others do feel that Minecraft now has not much purpose now that you can cheat. So Please Please if this is the only thing you change from the update, Let it be this problem. I am sure many many other people would say the same thing. This game is awesome so let's keep it that way. I could go on with many more reasons but this has taken me about an hour to write so more arguments for changing it won't make much difference. Please take this review seriously, Minecraft is awaiting your choice. I don't care if you take 3 months to change it but PLEASE change it. I don't know how I can make it any more clear that people really don't like how you can change modes. I love Minecraft many people love Minecraft, Make us all happy( Make you Stakeholders happy)(Make your customers happy), I payed $10 for this game so please make my moneys worth. If you do take this review seroiusly I would say you are the best Gameing company, As I know you have many people playing the game and can't listen to everyone. But I speak for the other players as well as myself. So Please Please Please make my(and all the other Minecraft players) day, In fact if you fixed the issue it would make my year. We love Minecraft so make as love it even more.
Yours Sincerely StarwarsjediDavid

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE
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Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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