Active Contacts

By Raj Kumar Shaw

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Active Contacts is a fresh start, allowing users to compile a separate contact list from Address Book or Contact Book.

Having a shortlist of Active Contacts really makes a big difference visualizing what is important to you on a weekly basis. Keep your shortlist or a special list of contacts at your disposal and enjoy the benefits of quicker access to a smaller list.

Many users asked for this "empty Contact Book" here it is. Active Contacts will definitely streamline your contacts in a simple visual way.


What's new in Version 1.1.1

Minor bugs fixes...



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OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
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Customer Reviews

Deleted After 10 Minutes

I was looking for something to supplement my ‘Contacts’ app, in which I could store contacts exclusively for work. I wanted to find an app that could break a large number of contacts into various groups, and that would allow me to quickly cycle through. Since I planned to create all of my contact cards from scratch, the negative reviews pertaining to importing contacts did not deter me, and I downloaded this app.

The following is a list of reasons I almost immediately deleted it:

1. Navigating between, adding, and editing groups is an awkward process. As seen in the fourth sample photo, clicking the blue groups tab pulls up a small list of your groups. This is the only list-style view of your groups offered.

2. Group names appear to be limited to 15 characters, which isn’t the end of the world, but is just a bit annoying.

3. It also seems that you cannot change the order of your groups once they have been created. They aren’t auto-sorted alphabetically, either. This just strikes me as bizarre.

I told myself I could deal with these issues, and pressed on, determined to create my first contact. And that is where I had to draw the line:

4. Selecting a group (or groups) to which your new contact will belong is glitchy, and it took me about 3 minutes just to select the appropriate group. Minus ten points.

5. You cannot tab from box to box as you fill in the contact information. Call me lazy if you will, but c’mon, it’s 2016 we should be able to tab from box to box. Minus ten points.

6. DOB/Joining Date/Anniversary are all rigid categories. You cannot customize these to reflect any other type of date. Minus 30.

7. When selecting any of the above dates, there is no selectable calendar view. Further, you are unable to actually TYPE in the numbers, meaning you must scroll from 2016 (default year) to 1942 if that is when your client was born. Minus 30.

8. You cannot escape having DOB (thankfully not all three date selection categories) appear in the contact’s card. Why? Who knows. Minus 10.

At this point, I became fed up and deleted the app. While it may be perfectly suited for the needs of some, I cannot bring myself to recommend this app. Thankfully it was only $0.99, but in terms of functionality and overall worth, it should be free.


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Active Contacts
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