By George Sargunaraj C

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***Organize your online life in a single app. ***

Eureka! We have reinvented the way you organize your digital life. We are excited to introduce to you SocialFan, which is an awesome app to help you manage your emails, social media and online interests all in a single interface.

SocialFan also provides seamless switching between apps. No login. No Logout. No Hassles.

In our day to day activities, all of use multiple social media sites, emails and online interests. Logging in and out of multiple sites as well as opening and closing multiple apps every day made us think that there should be a better way for organizing our digital life.

And that is how SocialFan was born. SocialFan is created with a vision to help people to manage their digital life better.

SocialFan supports Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Yahoo, Microsoft, Linkedin, Flickr, Wikipedia, Gmail and Google+.

SocialFan is an awesome app. But is is just a start. The vision of the app is to provide a seamless, simple and unified mechanism to organize our digital life.

We are working continuously to fine tune the app as well as add new modules. You can email us at [email protected] for any support , issues or feature requests.

SocialFan is a 3rd Party application and is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Linkedin, Flickr, Wikipedia and other apps available in SocialFan.

All trademarks, content and rights belong to the respective owners.


What's new in Version 1.0.2

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Customer Reviews


Thank you, something like this I was looking for long ago :)
I had instastack but it works as its name says, just for intagram. But with this App I can use Instagram and so many other apps :D
I would like you to ask you for the following:

1. Add an Inbox module (instead of or together with gmail), that would be great.
2. There is a problem viewing gmail emails, when I open them I cannot see the complete email (because it shows up too wide and the screen of socialfan is too narrow) The bad thing is I cannot scroll to the right either, so there is no chance to see the email at all.
3. Add the option to copy a link. When I clic on a link e.g. in Facebook, this takes me to that website but then when I wanted to save it and read it later (or in a bigger browser), I had no option.
4. It would be great to see the tweets with its photo (in the case it exists), I don’t know much about this but resuming: In socialfan I can only see tweets as text (without photos). You can maybe get an Idea of what I mean installing the ios App „social Square“, which does pretty much the same as socialfan but just for the iphone. There I can see the tweets with pics :)

When it’s done I’ll surely add the 5th. star to the app!

I Thank you again for this app and hope I could help with my ideas ;)

Best regards from Germany,


I regret buying this. Even on sale. It’s simply a menu bar browser that pulls up the mobile webpage of various social sites. What a disappointment.

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Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

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