Tweetbot 3 for Twitter. An elegant client for iPhone and iPod touch

By Tapbots

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*** If you are running iOS 9, do not purchase this version, please get Tweetbot 4 instead ***

Tweetbot is a full-featured Twitter client that's fast, beautiful, and redesigned from the ground up for iOS7. Tweetbot has slimmed down to look and feel more like iOS7 and has also gained a lot of charm and speed in the process. Prepare to fall in love with your favorite Twitter client all over again.

Brief Highlights:

◆ Completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS7.
◆ Native Push Notifications.
◆ Mute filters lets you block messages from users without unfollowing them. Mute services, hashtags, people, and even keywords (regex included).
◆ Sync timeline position, direct message read statuses and mute filters between iPhone, iPad, and the Mac via iCloud or Tweetmarker.
◆ Customizable Navigation. The last 2 tabs are customizable and unused tabs are easily accessible.
◆ Support for multiple services like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp, Droplr, and more.
◆ Save drafts, add locations and POI's, attach photos/videos, manage your lists, and much more.

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What's new in Version 3.6.3

- Fix for a crasher when adding recently created Twitter accounts

If you are running iOS 9, Tweetbot 4 is out and adds a ton of new features + support for iPad.



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Customer Reviews

They've decided to babysit us?

I've always bought the Tweetbot apps. Apps cost money, and they have to get paid. I have no problem with $10 for a quality app, which is what this has been for years. So to you all who are crying that TB3 has lost support after a year of TB4 being available, get over it.

What takes this from a 5-star app to a 2-star is that with the latest update, Tweetbot is now censoring content. If they deem an image is "sensitive" it won't show up in your timeline. Instead you get a link to go view the photo. I've seen pictures of baseball players, landscapes, golfer photos, and books marked as "sensitive"…it's ridiculous. It's a major flaw and a huge insult to the customer-base. Most people who buy TB are adults, not many kids would, or can, spend $10 on a Twitter app (or any app for that matter). To think they have to babysit us and that they know better than us, is insulting. I have hope they'll fix this and give us the option. Until then, it's time to find a new Twitter app.

Still working great

Hey, I don't mind that the developers want to get paid for all the work they put into building new features for v4. I'm perfectly happy to continue using the version I paid for with the major feature set I paid for.

People, quit whining about having to pay for major upgrades. Adobe has been doing that for decades. So have Microsoft and Apple until the last five years or so. Your entitlement has no merit. If you were happy with v3 when you bought it, continue being happy with it. If you want new features, go pay for them.

oh tweetbot...

been using tweetbot since the day my brother introduced it to me back when tweetbot was released around 2012, and i was very satisfied. twitter felt so amazing when using tweetbot the fact that we were able to do so many things which the official twitter app wouldnt let other do. but now, tweetbot 4 has been released and im notfeeling the upgrade. i came from 1 to the 3 and i will now let tweetbot be made into a fossil. i understand the fact that tweetbot 3 will no longer be getting updated and that upsets me because we al have obviously paid money for these amazing apps and somewhat just get left here to rot and die while others enjoy the updates on tweetbot 4. the point is tweetbot is amazing but, knowing a new app will get released every year is bothering me now since once a new one gets released you just let the previous version rot. thank you. oh one more thing, the main point was that we deserve a free upgrade since we've been loyal to the game like cmon man.


Tweetbot 3 for Twitter. An elegant client for iPhone and iPod touch
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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • iTunes Price: $9.99
  • Category: Social Networking
  • Updated: Mar 10, 2016
  • Version: 3.6.3
  • Size: 10.0 MB
  • Language: English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
  • Seller: Tapbots
Rated 4+

Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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