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Privacy Protector is a powerful and effective way to securely get rid of files and data that may invade your privacy and act as potential threats to your Mac. You can use this app to remove a host of sensitive information that can be used to track your activities. Specifically, it clears your cache files, cookies, browsing history, and more, all at the click of a button.

Privacy Protector uses the highest industry encryption standards to ensure that data removal is thorough, yet safe and secure. You can manually adjust the level of security you want in the deletion process, with the ability to overwrite files with up to 35 passes to ensure complete removal of sensitive information. Moreover, removal of data not only ensures you maintain your privacy, you also gain back valuable disk space upon cleansing your system.

Use Privacy Protector for the following:

• Internet Browsers: Remove Caches, Cookies, History, Downloads, Forms, Recent Searches, Web Storage, Last Session Information and much more

• QuickTime Player: Remove Caches, Download Quarantine History, Recent Items

• Finder: Remove Download Quarantine History, Recent Items

• Preview: Remove Recent Items

• Empty Mail Downloads

• Remove Flash Cookies

All of the above fields can be individually toggled on/off depending on exactly what you wish to delete.

We've worked hard to make Privacy Protector as simple and efficient as possible for you to use. We would love to hear your thoughts via email and make any improvements to future versions of this app. We intend to have an active development cycle powered by your feedback, love and support!


What's new in Version 2.7

- Added support for Touch Bar
- User interface improvements



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Customer Reviews


I purchased this ap (Privacy Protector) for my late 2013 Mac when it (my Mac) was brand new. For a while Privacy Protector removed files, yet for the past several months (over 8 months to be exact), it consistently shows that files have been removed, when in fact they have not been (when I open the program it immediately shows 0 for all files needed to be removed. In the interim, I had purchased several other file removal and memory clean applications from the AP store andthey all consistently showed many files that needed to be removed, while at the same time that the Privacy Protector program showed 0 files to be removed.

I also purchased the Disk Doctor by Flip Lab (same company) which does show files to be removed simultaneously with Privacy Protector showing 0 files to be removed.

Finally, I purchased Privacy Scan, Disk Diag,Memory Clean and Memory monitor from the AP Store, all at the same time, to be sure to have back ups in the event that one program failed to work. All of the other programs that I purchased from the AP Store work as promised, except for this one (Privacy Protector). Since i have paid for this program, it just sits dormant on the desktop and every now and then, I test to see if it will perform.

It contintually shows 0 files to be removed. I feel as if I have been duped into making a purchase after the free issue (which worked so well) consistently requested me to upgrade to the purchase version for $4.99. I regret having to do so. it is like having a product for 30 days and after the trial period is over, and the purchase is made, the product stops working as intended. Not good at all. There should be a time frame that when a creator does a program and it stops working as intended, then when enough complaints come in, the developer should be made to refund the monies back to the consumer or user of the application. I do know that until the developer fixes this issued, I will not purchase anymore of the products.

As of 12/6/2016, I removed the application to the trash can on my Mac. If in the event that the program works in the future, I may reinstall it from my purchaes in the AP Store.


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Privacy Protector - Scan & Remove Threats
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