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Fully optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!

Notepad+ is pen and paper right on your iPad exactly when you need them. Take notes, draw, make sketches, annotate PDFs, create lists and memos, export your notes, and discover other great features. From now on you can be more productive than ever!

- Take notes in lectures, seminars, business meetings, and conferences
- Аnotate and edit files in various formats: PDF, Excel, Keynote, Numbers and more
- Organize notes on a virtual board
- Quickly assign a unique title to each note
- Change the template of any note in seconds
- Protect sensitive notes with a password
- Always pick up where you left off with the autosave feature

- Move images easily from other apps using iOS 11 Drag and Drop
- Choose your template from 8 template galleries (Basic, Education, Lifestyle, Business, Sports, Games, Photo Frames, Music)
- Enjoy the editing options you're used to: easily cut, copy and paste any content
- Make the most of ink pens, highlighters and colors for true handwriting experience
- Enlarge parts on your screen to better see words and images with Magnification Tool
- Zoom in and out to pay attention to details while sketching or drawing
- Add photos to make your notes more visually appealing
- Use helpful Icons, funny smileys and add text next to them to make your notes more catchy and emotional
- Hide sensitive content with a single tap using Blur
- Reorganize your notes with a drag-and-drop gesture, sort them by date created or modified
- Use the iPad keyboard to type your notes
- Experience all the advantages of maximum portability when using Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro
- Use your finger or stylus when writing or drawing
- Use Apple Pencil to create sketches or take notes without accidental marks or blots applying palm rejection function
- Adjust the palm rest to prevent marks
- Photo extension: mark up images right in your iPad's Photos app, use pens and highlighters to add notes and captions easily.
- Create notes by importing and editing files in numerous formats: Excel (.xls), Keynote (.key), Numbers (.numbers), Pages (.pages), PDF (.pdf), Powerpoint (.ppt), Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Rich Text Format Directory (.rtfd), Keynote ’09 (.key), Numbers ‘09 (.numbers), Pages ‘09 (.pages)

- Share a page or the whole notebook
- Select a format (PDF or image) for better manageability
- Email, print, save to Photos or iTunes
- Use the Quick Search to find important notes in an instance

- Ask questions about the app and get immediate help with managing your notes - just contact us at [email protected]

Notepad+ gives you the best of a digital notebook, all in one place.


For complete access to all Notepad+ features, you will need to allow access to the following:

*Photos – so you can import your snapshots, mark them up, and save them.
*Camera – so you can take photos and edit them within the app.
*Contacts – so you can add them to documents and email your notes.


What's new in Version 3.11

* Performance and stability improvements for flawless work on iOS 11.



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Customer Reviews

Lacks ability to categorize notes

I absolutely love the way the app works. I would use it to replace several other apps - including the almighty Evernote - except for ONE problem. The developers have decided not to include the ability to categorize notes into folders. That makes organizing my work completely impossible. Therefore, I rarely ever use it. I use Evernote 3-4 times a week. That’s a LOT of notes. If I couldn’t categorize them, I wouldn’t be able to go back and find them. Until Notepad + Pro incorporates that ability, I will almost never uses it - otherwise I’d have to search through an interminable list of randomly organized notes to find the one I want.

Add categorization, and this is an Evernote slayer. Without it, it’s just a doodling tool. So for that reason, it rates only two stars. Fix that problem, and it get’s six stars and knocks Evernote off the top of the heap.

Wow! Where have you been all my iPad Pro life???

This app is incredible. On short notice, I ended up attending a training conference. I didn't want to write on the "hotel" provided notepads. I don't type fast enough to run through the slides while typing. I downloaded this and in 1 minute I was logging my notes down efficiently. This lets me just jot down power notes, organize them, move the order around, and choose between paper style, ink color and thickness, etc. Love it! I have referred to tons of people at this training. Especially when people want to share notes, we just email it to each other. Nuff said.

Slow glitchy drawing when use pencil and hand touches the screen

The app seems great, nice templates for teaching, presentations, etc.

The only problem I have (and which makes the app less usable) is the drawing becomes less responsive and slow when you put your hand on the iPad screen for more convenient drawing. At this moment lines become noticeably slow, you can see how a line is not yet finished while you have already finished a drawing.

When only the pencil (Apple Pencil for iPad Pro) touches the screen there’s no this issue, and drawing is pretty responsive, like on real paper. But once you put your hand on the screen, it becomes almost unusable when you need to draw pictures fast at explanations. But constantly holding a hand in the air makes it super inconvenient to draw.

The technical reason of this issue is that the app seems tries to draw lines when a multitouch is applied (two fingers on the screen), and when you put your hand on the screen it seems treats it as a second touch together with the pencil.

Please fix this issue so the drawing is responsive, and the app will be usable. Thanks!


Notepad+ Pro
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This app is designed for iPad only
  • iTunes Price: $19.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Sep 19, 2017
  • Version: 3.11
  • Size: 59.1 MB
  • Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
  • Seller: Apalon Apps
Rated 4+

Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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