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DropSync is for web developers, photo professionals, scientists or anyone in need of a fast, automated and highly customizable way to repeatedly copy files from one place to another. Works with removable hard drives, between computers on a local network and even between your mac and a remote server over SSH.

Setup a pair of folders and easily browse both sides even if one folder is on a remote server (via sftp). Then select items for include/exclude and click to perform an update in the desired direction. Previews show you exactly what will be changed and once you're satisfied that things are working, you can setup DropSync to automatically watch a source folder and update in the background.

Under the hood DropSync uses the amazing rsync tool to perform its changes. This means that its about as fast and memory efficient as a syncing engine can get, and we've worked hard to ensure that DropSync itself will stay responsive even when huge syncs are happening in the background.

- Easily include/exclude subfolders using the built-in browser
- Automated (one-way) syncing when a file changes in the source folder
- Status bar only mode lets you monitor and initiate syncs without opening the main app
- Detailed searchable previews
- An sftp based browser that lets you see and select folders on remote computers
- Custom filters let you include or exclude files based on patterns in filenames
- Browsable history of syncing activity, including detailed logs of every change
- Only transfers the parts of files that have changed for maximum speed over a network
- AppleScript support lets you create custom syncing workflows
- Almost complete support for custom rsync options

New Features in DropSync 3:
- Completely redesigned all aspects of the user interface for simplicity and ease of use
- Most basic rsync options are now accessible via an easy to understand configuration pane
- The app is now fully sandboxed so it cannot touch your files unless you tell it to

It is ideal for:
* Updating on-the-go documents to a USB stick
* Mirroring a website from a remote host to your local computer or vice-versa
* Web development. Edit files locally and have them automatically and efficiently uploaded to a server
* Duplicating files like photos, music and websites to a second computer, external hard drive or remote server.
* Backing up files to a remote server. Works with any server that supports ssh, sftp and rsync.
* Scientific applications involving large amounts of frequently updated data.


What's new in Version 3.1.3

Updated ssh support to work with servers that require newer key exchange methods



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Customer Reviews

Intuitive, Responsive, and Excellent Support

I purchased this app to take the place of my NAS’s native sync software, which left a lot to be desired (QNAP’s Qsync). DropSync's set up is quick and easy. I did have a problem initially getting it to access my NAS folder but it turned out I was mis-interpreting a dialog box (the developer took this feedback to heart and is going to re-word the dialog box). The support for the app (via email or the built in send feedback option) was excellent in terms of speed and effectiveness. As you can see from the App Store’s screen shots, the app is laid out in a very easy / intuitive way to interpret and use. The app seems to sync quickly - it scanned a large music folder in just well under a minute. If I uncover anything worth mentioning, I’ll edit this post in the future. In the meantime, I am very happy with my purchase!

Almost exactly what I need.

As a media production specialist (dealing with the capture and editing of photography and video assets), it’s mission critical to have backups of all your work. I thought this would be the perfect solution but it has one fatal flaw. I installed this app over 6 months ago. I love how easy it was to set up and sync files between my external hard drives. A little while agot though I realized it was making duplicates of my syned files onto the backup/mirror of my production files. How? Well typically I ingest, then backup, and then reorganize and rename files. However unlike cloud backup software like Dropbox, DropSync doesn’t track the change in file names. SO as you might guess, if you originally had 1234.MOV, backed it up, changed the name to “ProjectName_Date_Camera_1234.MOV” the next time you backup, 1234.MOV doesn’t get renamed, instead the renamed file, is instead copied over, leaving you with BOTH files.

If I were dealing with jpgs or doc files that were 15-20MB, perhaps it wouldn’t bother me so much. Instead however I’m dealing with files between 256MB to 500GB+. So this basically gobbles up the external backup hard drive space, costing me beaucoup bucks and a massive migraine from trying to sort out which files need to remain and which are final renamed files.

It’s entirely posible that one could develop a workflow that mitigated this situation. However… I hoped for a much simpler method of syncing folders.


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DropSync 3
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