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Publisher Plus is a powerful desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home use.

Publisher Plus empowers you to quickly design and create any type of deluxe and professional looking prints that you might need. It can’t be any easier to create flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, etc. than with this app.

The new version now adds support for object/text style profiles, enhances text editing features, improves print settings, comes with new smart shapes, integrates with iCloud, features a brand new UI and also brings many other improvements and bug fixes.

Professional templates and decorations
• 170+ professional templates for flyers, brochures, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more.
• Hundreds of delicate clipart. You can also search the web for images inside the app.
• 230+ professional backgrounds.
• 40+ photo frames and masks.
• Additional template packages are available in the Store for free.

Page setup
• Customize page size and orientation (landscape and portrait) of the page.
• Support customizing page margins.
• Create and edit multiple pages.

A variety of objects
• Photo objects from iPhoto or from any folder in Finder. Support almost all formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF, EPS, AI, SVG, etc.
• Apply delicate clipart to make the page looks amazing.
• Insert text object and edit the color, font, size, margin, columns, line spacing, text wrap, bullets/lists and more.
• Add various preconfigured shape objects or create custom shapes.
• Add calendar to create custom calendars.

Editing features:
• Apply any object style to other objects in just one click.
• Set up text styles for any document just once and apply them with only one click.
• Reposition & resize, rotate any object at ease.
• Personalize opacity, mirror effect & flip of the objects.
• Select 230+ preset backgrounds or customize background with your own images.
• Add color fill/pattern image fill, stroke, shadow or reflection to any object.
• Select multiple objects to align, center and make same size of the objects as a whole.
• Lock/Unlock, Group/Ungroup objects for easy operation.
• Auto snap between one object and another, and between an object and the page margin as well.
• Crop photo or manipulate the frame easily.
• Apply frames, mask, filters, etc. to photos and it is easy to adjust image colors.
• Manage layers of different objects.
• Support undo/redo, copy/paste/duplicate and other common editing features.
• Support zooming in/out on the page, and Fit Width/Fit Page to view the page.
• Support displaying rulers in the editing panel for better alignment of objects.

Export, print and share conveniently
• Print the pages directly with improved print settings like printing by Scale to paper size and Tile, etc.
• Export the pages as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and PSD.
• Share the pages via Email, Message, Airdrop, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.


What's new in Version 1.7.1

* Fixed bugs.



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Customer Reviews

Great Basic Design Package

While I have only done one project so far, this is a great basic design package, though not without flaws. What should you expect for the price, right? The only major quibble is that the only size for business cards is not the “standard” 2 inch by 3.5 inch that is most commonly used but what I suspect is an ISO or European standard 2.12 inch by 3.35 inch. This is a pain when working with sites like VistaPrint (which only use the 2x3.5 size in their web tools) but can be worked around if needed (you lay it out as though you had a top and bottom margin of 0.13 inches but go right to the edge on the left and right margins then drop the exported PDF right on the VistaPrint design page. Oh, and don’t run you graphics off the ends of the card or you get a white space). It was a disapointement that the “custom page sizing” that was supposed to come with the Plus version wasn’t for design layout page sizes within the application but for printer page sizes which apparently isn’t the same thing. This is odd to me.

The feature I would most like to see are (multiple)vertical and horizontal guides that you could drag from the rulers and use to align objects. They were among my favorite tools in the early versions of PageMaker. A page grid matching the rulers would be nice too.

I want to like it.

A big clue should have been their website, which is neither up-to-date nor detail-oriented (lots of errors, dead links, expired promotions. Indicating that quality and a thorough approach is not a priority...)

This app is not nearly as detailed as the original Pages and is not for the poweruser of current Pages.. There are careless typos in the menus. Adjustments in spacing etc. use sliders, with no option of setting a precise number. Templates open in European A4 format and clicking “Letter” or Legal” does not automatically reconfigure the columns, artwork etc.

It is less intuitive and more reliant on experimentation than Pages. (Example: open the menu of all pages, click the page you want to delete and click the “minus” sign - a warning message is displayed: “this choice is irrevocable”. WRONG CHOICE - the page that is deleted is the current page in the work area. Really!?) When the program crashes, the recovery is not current and requires lots of re-do. Moral: Save as you go (Apple has thoroughly spoiled me by making this nearly obsolete…)

I regret not simply purchasing a $$ newsletter template pack for Pages. I have plenty of my own images/artwork so the royalty-free clipart isn’t a draw for me, either.

Not the same as MS Publisher, but it’s a nice little program

I tried Publisher Lite and thought it might be what I needed to do newsletters. I upgraded to Publisher Plus and was very frustrated. It doesn’t work the same way as either of these apps, and I decided it was over rated. I didn’t do much with it for about a year, just postcards and flyers. However, after a extremely frustrating experience creating a newsletter in MS Word, I decided to give it another shot. Publisher Plus DOES do what is necessary to make a nice looking newsletter, once I figured out how to get multiple columns and add/remove pages. Its pretty flexible, particularly for such an inexpensive program.


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