First Touch Soccer 2015

By First Touch Games Ltd.

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REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE. First Touch Soccer 2015 is back, and it’s better than ever! Crammed full of new features, modes, stunning graphics and improved gameplay, this year’s edition is not to be missed. FIRST TOUCH SOCCER IS YOUR GAME!


Take control of your team on and off the field with our all new improved Manager Mode. Sign new players, negotiate contracts & fully customise your club’s stadium with our brand NEW stadium editor. Manager mode is more refined to YOUR needs. With an all new loan system, you have more control than ever. Can you rise to the challenge?

FTS 15 is the definitive mobile soccer experience, featuring hundreds of unique animations, improved player and stadium graphics, plus all new cut-scenes! Prepare to feel every goal, tackle & save from wherever you are! With our dynamic new lighting system, you’ll be even more immersed in what truly is the best First Touch Soccer to date.

Watch your game come to life as you pass and dribble around your opponents. Improved AI makes for the most realistic experience of First Touch Soccer to date. Score thunderbolts from outside the box, or tiki-taka your way to goal. The possibilities are endless…

Test your skills every day with our Match Challenge. Whether you’re the underdogs, or clear favourites these matches provide a reason for you to come back again and again. Also compete in a global leaderboard to see who ranks top!

Soccer fans, this is a game for you.


Exclusive soundtrack provided by Bastille, Imagine Dragons & Black Kids

This game requires an Internet connection to download initial content.

Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. To disable In App Purchases, go to Settings/General/Restriction.

Credits can be earned during gameplay or gained by watching videos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $1.99 - $36.99

This app contains third party advertising. Advertising is disabled if you purchase in game currency from the shop.



What's new in Version 2.07

Version 2.07
* Bug Fixes 

Thanks everyone for your support, please keep the reviews coming!



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Customer Reviews

Great game but missing some important features

The game it's self is great, but what's missing is the ability to edit CPU teams starting lineups. Regularly in manager mode, the other team will have better players on the bench, yet constantly start the default roster. For example- Manchester United have Juan Mata on the bench, despite him being statistically good in the game(84 overall), not to mention winning multiple "best 11 of the month awards in the Simulated league, the computer consistently chooses to start Janujaz despite him being only 78 rated. This goes for quick play too. The ability to edit the default formations and lineups of other teams is a must, especially since a major focal point of FTS and DLS has always been the customization options.

Another thing that would be nice, considering the broader range of customization options offered already, is the ability to manually edit player stats. This may break the game some might say, well given this is a single player mobile game and the experience would be more enjoyable if I was able to edit stats, as some stats are, as you might say- off. Especially on the lesser known teams. Being able to fix the stats manually would greatly increase m enjoyment of this game and seems like an easy option for the devs to implement

Best soccer game on mobile!

I just discover this game. I have been looking for a long time for a great soccer game on mobile phone. I have been downloading Fifa almost every year. I was about to do so just now, and I just looked a little bit more and seen FTS 15. Surprised by the size of the file, really small for a soccer game. I decided to give it a chance. And I have to say I am so happy I did. I can remove my hand of it. It's just so well done. Great feeling and sensation of gameplay. Great ball physics . Great menu and game modes. I haven't try the VIP mode yet; I think it's great that they give us a choice to pay it, or for once finally, to earn it by playing good and make in-game money! Even if it seems to take a while to earn all that in-game money to unlock the VIP pass; it's so nice that we know we can; and after all, need to be deserved! Of course I think and hope they will be some improvements. For example I think the Goal keepers could be better. Some more movements, call of your partners when you have the ball. But over all it's a great game! With all the licenses apparently; of what I have seen. Finger cross to see constants update. Thank you guys!

Unbalanced in any sense

My review doesn't have to do with esthetic,graphics or the team that didn't appear in some leagues,not even about VIP(which didn't bother me at all). I have a HUGE complaint in the technical side of the game. It's unbalanced in so many aspects: 1. Started off with a two star team in the french league,which wasn't so easy at first. When I got the hang of it each game had a decent flow with realistic defense measures and attack strategies from my opponent. But the more I played the more I realized how sometimes I could beat Paris 4-0 at a league game but they totally destroyed me when playing for the french cup. 2. Bought a lot of decent players having an overall team rating of 76,but somehow teams like Lorient and Reims which always got relegated where so hard to beat sometimes even though I already did it in the past with such an ease. 3. Opposing defense is almost impossible to beat even with a player with good stamina and fitness. And even when you are past them,they just get you from the back and you lose control of the ball,they take it and throw it out of sight. It js understandable if you are going against Chiellini or Boateng, but a 64 defense from Valenciennes? Come on guys.


First Touch Soccer 2015
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  • Version: 2.07
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Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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