Massage Scheduling Software

By Aleksey Tselinko

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In the hectic life routines we are living today, massages are one relaxing way to freshen up the mind and the body together. People who are offering massage services face a lot of management and scheduling especially if they offer these services in a special holiday location or some specialized spa, as holiday seasons can be really tough for them to manage on paper. Making scheduling and organization easy for chiropractors, massagers and other medical and non medical manual therapeutics is the Massage Scheduling Software. The program is equally efficient for osteopathy, spinal manipulation, acupuncture, reflex point therapy, sports medicine and physical therapy routines. This useful scheduling software is equally effective to be used by either a single practitioners or a health center with several different specialists. Try out the new Massage Scheduling Software and feel the effective of your new management affect your services. The speedy, easy and simple menu of the software offers four main icons of Therapists, Clients, Reports and Scheduler. The Therapists section allows a separate profile to be created for every therapist with extra notes that allows better insight into the therapists’ abilities and schedules. Each therapist can view his or her own client list and accordingly make new appointments. Direct phone calls can also be made from the program and the options of restore settings and back up are also available. The Clients section stores in all information about clients including complete contact details such as address, emails, phone numbers, etc. Clients can be easily contacted whenever the need arises. The photo capture option allows the user to capture photos of both the clients and the therapists to be saved with their profiles for record purposes. The Reports section keeps in all records of previous and future appointments of every therapist and clients as referring to previous treatments and dates they were performed on may be needed on several occasions to continue a prolonged therapy. This section also let the therapists save and view the exact date, time, earnings and therapy to be provided to a client on a given day. The Scheduler section appears in form of a calendar that shows all appointments and earnings for every date and new appointments can be made easily. Each date shows its daily earnings and you can also easily check out all job details of a particular date from this section. The new Massage Scheduling Software is one scheduling program making life easier for those who loathe the tedious management paperwork tasks. Add new client/therapist: you can tap the "+" in the upper-right corner of the screen (please find attached screenshots - the green "+" button).


What's new in Version 6.1

Version 6.1 Fixed several small bugs.



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Massage Scheduling Software
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