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*** Best New App by Apple as a Best New App *** Top Rated Mac App by Macworld *** Featured by Lifehacker *** Full Touch Bar Support ***

Forecast Bar offers hyper accurate, hyper local live weather and forecasts right in your menu bar or as a full dock app. iCloud Sync keeps your locations and settings in sync across your devices. Custom icon and background packs allow you to customize the look and feel to suit your style.

Opening Forecast Bar displays a gorgeous resizable panel full of relevant weather information, including:
- Current conditions, with current, feels like, high, and low temperatures, cloud conditions, as well as relative humidity
- A succinct description, available in 18 languages, of the weather for the next hour, and next 24 hours
- Create a customized weather summary to use in the app and widget which can contain any combination of 20 data points with everything from wind speeds to location of the nearest storm!
- Animated charts showing temperature and rain forecasts for the next 8 hours
- When rain is detected in the next hour, an animated chart showing rain intensity*
- 6 day forecast, with high and low temperatures and weather conditions
- Stunning animated icons for each weather condition (plus two additional icon packs to switch between)
- A gorgeous image matching the weather conditions (which can be dimmed or hidden entirely, from either built-in or online sources)
- Full description of all local NWS severe weather alerts (U.S. only), including Notification Center support
- Radar and satellite imagery (U.S. only)

*** Purchase includes one-year of hourly premium weather updates from Dark Sky. If you would prefer more frequent updates (10, 15 or 30 minutes) you can optionally upgrade easily within the app. ***

Clicking again on the current conditions displays an animated panel with additional information, including:
- Current wind conditions with an animated compass
- Dew point and humidity readings, with a "mugginess" animated gauge
- Pressure indicator with trend information
- Sunrise and sunset times for the day
- Moon phase
- Visibility reading
- UV Index

You can click on any day's forecast to see a full 24 hour temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity and UV index chart, along with an hour-by-hour sky condition chart. Furthermore, clicking on the radar icon will display an interactive radar map.

Forecast Bar automatically determines your location to provide hyper-local weather data. In addition, you can store unlimited favorited locations, and switch between them easily using keyboard shortcuts. By default, Forecast Bar will automatically detect which units to use for your location, or you can manually set your preferred units.

Forecast Bar supports Dark Sky’s Time Machine feature. Time Machine gives you the ability to check the current weather conditions at a given time, in the past 70 years or the next 70 years.

Forecast Bar offers full support for light and dark menu bar modes, and carefully conserves your computer's power. You can even fully customize what shows in your menu bar or dock on your dock badge. Assign a global keyboard shortcut to show Forecast Bar any time! Even more, there is a Today widget you can use in your Notification Center.

With Notification Forwarding, you can forward precipitation alerts to Forecast Bar for iPhone and iPad! Your Mac will automatically check the weather depending on where your phone is and send notifications when precipitation is coming (requires Forecast Bar for iOS). In addition, you can send the current temperature to iOS devices as an icon badge!

If you have any ideas or problems with Forecast Bar, drop us an email to [email protected] or add them to our support site!

*where available


What's new in Version 3.0.4

- Fix for inverted colors in macOS 10.11
- Bug fixes and performance improvements



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Customer Reviews

Requires Subscription to Function

This app works well, and I have been very pleased with it for the last year. However I am much less pleased now that the "year's subscription to automatic updates" that was apparently included with the purchase price has run out, and to continue getting updates automatically I now have to purchase a yearly subscription. As the app is essentially useless as a menu-bar icon without this functionality, I have reluctanly purchased another year, however it seems like a bait-and-switch marketing strategy by which I am not pleased. I have an app on my iPhone called Dark Skies that provides the exact same functionality with no requirement for a subscription, so it seems difficult to interpret this required subscription as anything but a marketing manuver.

In summary: The app works well but requires a subscription to work after the first year, so factor that into your decision in purchasing it.

VERY incorrect reporting lately

While I’ve been a “Dark Sky” fan for a long time now… something in the last 6 months (or full year) seems to have changed. Dark Sky (where Forecast Bar gets its information) has been “off” from local weather reports. And by off, I mean… 5 degrees, or so. Normally I would say that the reports differ because one is for a general area and the “Dark Sky” data is for a micro-area. But… when the temperatures outside are near freezing… it’s very important to know if you’re going to deal with 29 degrees overnight, or 34 degrees overnight. BIG difference. Sadly, the Dark Sky data has provied to be inaccurate over and over and over. Predicting 34 degree evenings, but when I wake up in the morning it shows 29 degrees outside. Sadly, weather dot com is proving to be more accurate than Dark Sky data — and I thought I’d never say that. Sure hope they improve whatever bug it is in the system that’s providing junk data.

A Trusted Favorite

This is one of the better weather apps on any platform. It’s clear, simple, uses little space in the menu bar, and conveys good information. The only downside worth mentioning is the update process used to not be as smooth as I would have liked. But that seems not to be a problem any more. Having used it for several years, I’m upgrading from four stars to five. It’s proven itself accurate, clear, reliable, and the best weather app I’ve found for the macOS.

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Forecast Bar - Weather + Radar
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