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A Diabetes management tool where you can Log BG, Insulin, Blood Pressure, Meals, Excersise and you can attach a Label indicating different moods and more (example: Depressed, Stressed and Sick)

- the app automatic Suggest the amount of Insulin to inject based on the current bloodsugar and the carbohydrate in the current meal.

you will be presented for a graph showing the latest BG results for the last days - to help you figure out the right amout of insulin (your are required to set up a Carb Ratio in settings to be able to see this)

Setting up a Ratio for carbohydrate should be calculated in cooperation with your diabetes doctor

A Live graph is shown for the past days - On the graph you can see bloosugar levels, A Red Indicator showing that Insulin has been taken, a vertical line indication a Main meal (Breakfast, Lunch og Dinner)

A Reminder can be set to remind you to test again after a meal - you can also set other daily reminders to helt you remember to take medicin, vitamins and more.

You can set the Low, High and Wanted Level og Bloodsugar in Setting to suit your situation

Diary, Blood Pressure, and a carbohydrate table can be generated anytime based on the data you submittet - and you can sent these number to the doctor or other people

Supports both mmol/l and mg/dl


What's new in Version 4.6

Basal Patterns can now be setup to support different ratios during the day



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